Friday Favorites #319

How cute is this cactus pillow? Kind of glad it doesn’t match my living room decor or else I’d have to have it.
(via: Modcloth)
I will always be a sucker for fun stationery, just look at this memo pad!
Limited edition circle skirt in an eye print from The Paraders! I don’t know how I missed that print when I shared these skirts a few weeks back.
 (via: The Paraders)
 An award for every one of us!
 (via: Prize Pins)
I feel like I might have already posted this banner by Winter Cabin Collection but I just love it so!
(via: AMNH Shop)
 (via: Fennec Design)
I want to send this card to all my friends.
(via: Amy Heitman)
I couldn’t choose just one item from Vital to share so here’s a bicycle mug, and hoodie
(via: Vital)
These notebooks!!! So pretty!
I currently have two turtles whose shells open up for storage. They’re also both gold. This one would be a perfect addition!
I’m sad that gift shops don’t really sell pennants anymore because I would have bought one from every national park. I did find this awesome Joshua Tree one online though!
(via: Modcloth)
Corey Marie made this portrait of Jeff and I, and I’m still squealing over how adorable it is. She does custom ones!

(via: Corey Marie

Link Love…
▴ How great is this bicycle pizza cutter I found in Mermaid Gossip’s shop?!
▴ A cute little jackalope necklace!
The Story Tree just started offering mini pet portraits. It’d be so cute to have one of each of my critters.
▴ Etsy recommended this to me as something I might like. It’s Danny Devito as a ham. I have no idea what prompted that recommendation but I am all about it!

Hope you have an excellent Friday!

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