Friday Favorites #321

This photo is heart breakingly cute! That lil critter looks so wise.
 (via: Urban Outfitters
Can’t help but think about how good this clothing rack would look somewhere with exposed brick walls.
I didn’t realize they came out with an updated instax wide! I’ve had my instax wide 210 since they came out. I enjoy it but it’s definitely bulky. The new 300 looks so much lighter (and snazzier!)
 (via: Amazon)
This table is what my collector dreams are made of. Can you think of all the little treasures I could fit in that drawer to be displayed under the glass!?
Birthday pizza? Now this is an idea I can get down with!
Look at this tooth keychain! It’s so awesome. Although teeth are my thing, I’ve got heart eyes for this foot keychain too!
 (via: tcustom)
All about this shirt. Stripes + polka dots! What could be better?!

(via: Modcloth)

I own more than enough camera bags currently, but I don’t have a pink one and this one sure is pretty!
 (via: Magus Leather)
Y’all know I’m always a fan of a good striped dress!

(via: Old Navy)

Link Love…
▴ I love this bra, like so so so much!
▴ Taylor posted how to travel on a budget which seems incredibly relevant to share after mine and Jeff’s roadtrip. I would love to talk a little bit more about travel here on The Dainty Squid. 
▴ Love love love this dress that Emily is wearing!
▴ The color of this couch is so lovely.
▴ I’m not sure who exactly would buy an arm chair covered in octopi but I love that someone out there thought it would be a good idea!
▴ So maybe it’s too early to be thinking about a 2016 calendar, but just look at this one.

Hope you have an excellent Friday!

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