Friday Favorites #322

Love the collars Filly Dog Co. makes! Klaus would look just dashing in one.

(via: Filly Dog Co.)
How stinken cute are these tiny little fruit bat skulls in vials?!

(via: Bazaar)
These are the best kitchen gloves ever. I always wear kitchen gloves when I do dishes. It’s my #1 secret to making a manicure last – which totally isn’t a secret at all except people always seem shocked when I say I wear gloves to wash dishes…?
Eye decals! …because if you’re like me you might want everything to have eyes on it. Just look how cute those mugs in the background look. 
 (via: Morgan Smith Design)
This comic is EVERYTHING. That’s Jeff and I.

(via: As Per Usual)

 (via: Vebo Shop)
 Always a fan of fun socks!
(via: Dolls Kill)
LOVE the colors and the pattern of this dress. It comes as a skirt too!
 (via: Shabby Apple)
This lapel pin is just perfect. 
 (via: Stuntin)
These have to be the prettiest roller skates out there! They come in a bunch of other lovely colors too.
(via: Dolls Kill)

Link Love…
β–΄ Did you know I have a modest collection of strange oven mitts? Yeah, and this rainbow trout one would be a perfect addition!
β–΄ Love this print soo much, it’s something say almost daily. It gets bonus points because Erin Guido is a Cleveland resident too!
β–΄ Here’s a pug in a sweater.
β–΄ All about these striped lounge shorts. Basically I’m all about trying to not look like a complete slob when I’m just hanging out around the house. I got rid of all my ratty old shirts, and too big pj pants and now I’m hunting for cute pjs! (like these!)

Happy Friday!

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