project 365 // days 185 – 192

185 : 365 Fourth of July celebrations! This first shot is an outtake from our annual roman candle shot (which you can see here) I laughed for a good five minutes over Jeff’s two faces in this photo. I wish this one turned out better because I love that eerie green glow from my dad’s garage.
 186 : 365 My dad + a snake!
 187 : 365 Sharing is caring.
188 : 365 Fields full of wildflowers are my favorite, especially when they’re in the city.
189 : 365 First round of limited edition pouches ready to head out into the world.
190 : 365 I don’t know what it is but Klaus’ face in this photo cracks me up. He looks like he has a little goatee.
 191 : 365 I spent the evening at Jeff’s house watching television while he attended a wedding rehearsal. (If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, he’s your man – even if you’re not in Northeast Ohio!) It was so relaxing. I opted not to get cable when I moved and I guess I forgot how much I liked it. There aren’t any shows that I’m actually interested in (although I will admit Treehouse Masters is pretty bomb!) but as bad as it sounds I love just zoning out and laying on the couch. It’s really nice to do that from time to time.
 192 : 365 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend!

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