what I wore : colors, for once!

sweater –  Modcloth
belt –  Modcloth
necklace –  Modcloth
lapel pin – Asilda Store
satchel –   Modcloth
shoes – Blowfish Shoes (a few years back)

Can we talk about something super random right now instead of how awesome this dress is and how killer it looks with my hair? But seriously my hair and this dress? Perfection! One of my biggest pet peeves ever is how in horror movies a character will have a minor injury and let it get them killed. It’s like it’s not believable and it drives me insane. Clearly the fact that there are zombies or something should be the point of “it’s not believable!” for me but when a character twists their ankle and then all of a sudden can’t run anymore I just get mad. Good. I’m glad you’re getting eaten!

The day I took these photos I was feeling a little creeped out. The last time I had been to this spot to take pictures I had seen someone coming out of the bushes unexpectedly and it scared the pants off me. It was just a construction worker, totally harmless. It’s a bit of a remote location though and I’m a massive chicken when I’m alone. I don’t exactly like being surprised. As I was finishing up taking photos someone a little too close for comfort started setting off fireworks so I folded up my tripod and started climbing the short hill back to the car. I always feel so silly walking out of the weeds and back to my car. Just a girl in a pretty dress emerging from this kind of shady area alone, NBD. I was walking quickly because I was a bit tense. The same kind of tense as when you turn off the lights in the basement and run up the stairs full speed, you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, the pavement was uneven and I rolled my ankle. It hurt so darn bad, and because my shoes are open on the top it scraped up the top of my foot and my ankle something nasty. I didn’t even take one second to go acknowledge the pain, I just continued speed walking back to the car. After I sat down I thought “you know what, I’d survive a horror movie!” and in that moment I was proud of something that absolutely did not matter. Although I’m pretty sure if I were in a horror movie I’d probably actually die because I ran so far and so fast by myself. Haha! 


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  • Yes!! I totally get that! Or they injure something that has nothing to do with running, oh you broke your arm? Guess youre toast since you cant possibly run with that. So annoying. What is your favorite horror movie?

    • DUDE. RIGHT?! That's the worst. I'm always so happy when those folks get killed off.

      I'm not a huge horror movie fan. I'm a big chicken. I do really love Wrong Turn type movies, and ones with "hillbillies" though.

  • 1. This look is such a fun one – I love it!
    2. I totally agree with you about injuries/horror movies. I'm a kind of reluctant horror movie fan, but my husband loves them, and will actively search out the kind of 'underground' horror movies that aren't advertised and will never show up on Netflix because of how horribly scary they are…anyway. When we watch them I have to encourage myself through them – I'll be all like, 'oh, that stupid man. I'd have done A and then B totally would lead to C and I'd be fine.' I've often thought that I would force myself to walk on a broken leg or the like if it meant I would get to safety.
    3. I'm glad you made it out and didn't get a horror movie ending on this shoot! Hope your ankle feels better! 🙂

    • Thank you!

      Yep! That's how I deal with horror movies too! I'm always thinking "well, I'd have done this, and that's why I'd live". We started watching the Walking Dead recently (a little late to that party!) and I can't even count how many times I've just sat there ticked off because a character let a minor injury stop them from moving. In a life or death situation I would basically just have to be dead to not be running!

  • I hate when people say things like "OMG the movies is about zombies! it's not believable to begin with!" I went to school for film, my husband for writing, and one of the things they always teach is the idea of creating a world with rules. Just because you are making up a fantastical world, doesn't mean you can just do whatever you want. You still need the audience to find certain things believable. So yeah, having someone twist their ankles and then give up, what the heck?! IT IS THEIR LIFE THAT IS IN DANGER! They would of totally tried harder to keep on running! Ugh!

    BTW I AM LOVING the hair dress combo. It is creepy perfect.

  • Or when they run up the steps instead of running outside! I mean, come on! But yes, I'm not going to let some injury do me in! Your hair looks AMAZING with this dress and I nominated you for a blogging award on my site!

  • I love this dress! The colors are perfect for you. Also, I'm with you on the horror movies. I used to love The Walking Dead but that kind of thing would make me so ragey. I wanted to tell the writers to do more. I mean, you know when a character is going to die, but at least do right by that character!

  • ugggggggggggh…is your ankle ok now? way to suffer for your art!
    i have to tell you, that dress and your hair are simply spectacular on ya. whoa, great!
    i would totally be one of the first ones killed. #notarunner

  • You know, you have a good point about the horror movie thing. If there was a zombie after me, I'd be running no matter what! I'm a big scaredy cat too. I would have done the same thing. I hope your ankle is okay.

    I love the amount of color in this outfit! Reminds me of the old old Dainty Squid outfit posts.

  • AMEN. The number of times I have twisted my ankle, or smashed my tailbone/elbow on the cement after a classic feet slipping out from under you on the ice, and just got up and acted like nothing happened, is up there with the number of bad horror movies I've seen.

    Hope your ankle heals quick!

  • Ack, sorry to hear about your ankle but at least you look awesome. Haha. I've been binge watching Forensic Files and it is making me SO paranoid. I fully believe in the buddy system!

  • That kind of freaking out happens to me when I get up to get water in the middle of the night and all I think at that moment is not to look back and run to my bed! So when it comes to a world with zombies I'd definitely not make it 😀