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Last weekend a group of four of my friends and I had planned on taking a nice little out of state trip to do some exploring but at the last minute there was a change of plans and we weren’t able to make the trip. It was a bummer, especially since I had already taken Klaus to my parents for the weekend. I had two whole days blocked off my calendar where I had planned on being away.

After grabbing breakfast at The Diner on 55th Saturday morning, Jake, Jason, and I decided that we had to do something together even if it wasn’t as far away as originally planned. We grabbed our camera gear, and headed out of the city to an abandoned factory that had been on their radar for quite some time.

Typical backstory here – Built in 1938, this factory provided employment to over 2,500 workers, which is a huge number in such a small area. Eventually the material the factory produced was no longer in such great demand. It closed in 1980 and has been left to decay ever since.

We only explored one of the two main buildings on this property. It was just one of those days where I didn’t want to push my luck, ya know? Even so after spending a great deal of time in the building there was a great possibly that we didn’t see all of it. It was massive. The machinery has long since been sold (or scrapped?) and there really isn’t much remaining inside.

The most striking thing to me was the smokestack… or rather standing under the smokestack. The three of stuck together throughout the whole building usually with Jason leading the way. He opened a door, looked back at us with this face of excitement, and exclaimed “You have to see this!”

Thinking about how this is going to read to people who maybe aren’t into exploring or have maybe never been an abandoned factory it really is hard to explain why this was so interesting. Walking into this pitch black room and finding all that natural light pouring in. It’s like the man made version of what it feels like to stand beside the ocean – you just feel so tiny.

I’ll tell you something else – that room smelled AWFUL. The three of us stood with our shirts over our noses while we set up our shots. I couldn’t get to fresh air fast enough after that.

After making our way back to the car, and stopping for a quick lunch at Sheetz, we headed off to the next spot. I had an insanely bad headache, not quite migraine but close enough where I tried my best to make a little bed in the camera bag pile in the backseat. I slept the short drive to our next location. I woke up not feeling too much better but still managed to snap a few photos that I’m pretty happy with!

Despite not being our original plans, I had a blast. Hopefully autumn will bring more adventure filled days.

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