Desert Dreamin’ at Joshua Tree

I’m finally at the end of my photos from mine and Jeff’s big adventure at the beginning of June. I feel like I’ve just been holding on to these photos to make it feel like I wasn’t finally done. Writing these posts and looking back through the photos have been a great help in soothing my ache to travel. I’ve been having dreams these last few weeks where we’re out in the desert again. I literally get teary eyed even trying to explain how much I love the desert. Being in a car in the middle of my desert with just Jeff, and all our camera gear is when I’m happiest.

Back to the subject at hand, our last big stop of the trip – Joshua Tree! We were on our back to Phoenix after spending the night at Wigwam Village when we just so happened to pass a sign for Joshua Tree National Park. It wasn’t something that was even on our mind and we were more than ready to get to our final hotel of the trip but we figured at the very least we could get some more stamps in our national park passport book. We picked up a park map, and chose a spot to get out and play so we could say we spent a little bit of time there. The very first thing I spotted on the map was the Cholla Cactus Garden – that without a doubt was what I really wanted to see.

It’s just a quick walk through the garden but it was an excellent one none-the-less. We took photos, admired tiny birds nests in the cactus, and took silly panoramic iPhone photos where it looked like Jeff was floating.

Last year while we were at Noah’s Art I was walking backwards taking photos and not paying attention when I got one of these cactus stuck my ankle. I called Jeff over and had him pry it off with a stick. I almost immediately regretted not stopping to photograph it before removing it but I was left with a little reminder anyway – it actually bruised! It was sore for the whole rest of the trip too. Since that was my only previous experience with cholla cactus I did my best to be oh so careful in this garden full of them.

Guess its time to plan another trip now, right?

You can find more posts from our road trip under the “travel” tag. 

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  • The only desert experiences I've had were in Vegas and in Arizona – beautiful places! I totally understand why you're drawn to it. I love the forest, personally, but there's something incredible about a vast landscape of sand and cacti and that dry heat that permeates your skin. Flying into Vegas will always be an unforgettable experience for me – if you're looking out the window it's desert, desert, desert, more desert, then HOLY SHIT THERE'S A CITY IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!

    My sister is taking a road trip to Denver right now and stopping in a ton of different states along the way. I am so jealous! Shawn and I have been planning a huge road trip for the past year or so and the wanderlust in me is overwhelming. I love your road trip posts though because it gives me ideas for stops on ours šŸ™‚

    • I love the forest too! I think it's just that I spent so much time in the woods growing up that now I'm aching for something different. Although I must admit visiting Hoh rain forest over in Washington is pretty high up on my list. It's one of those places that once I visit I'm pretty sure I'm not going to want to leave.

      Oh man! That sounds like so much fun.

  • I love these photos so much! That first one is especially GORGEOUS!! I'm talking my boyfriend into doing a Southwest road trip in 2016. I've never been to the desert, but I've always wanted to go.

    • Thank you so much Mindi! I hope you guys get to go. I would love to see your photos and the critters that you find. SO many cute little lizard buddies out there.

  • Your photos are so beautiful! I'm beaming with pride for my desert home~

    So many people who actually live where I live always say that it's so "ugly" and "dead", so it makes me SO excited when people say that the desert is beautiful!