found on the beach pouch update!

Today is the day! The fourth round of limited edition pouches are available

With each announcement of new limited edition sets of pouches made from custom printed fabric I always ask what you want to see in a future batch and over and over I heard beach trash. It was always in the plans, it was just a matter of time and figuring out how exactly I wanted to photograph my finds. I wanted them to be bright, and to maybe take a bit of time before you realize what exactly is on the pouch.

I decided to bring everything home, wash it up so it was as vibrant as possible, and photograph it on a white background under studio lights. Everything shown on the pouches was collected in three separate trips to the same Lake Erie beach over a one month period. I ended up with three different prints, of which I don’t think I can choose a favorite. Each has different elements that I am really excited about.

The pouches are available for purchase here! Just
like the past collections, these are limited edition. There is a very
small number of the larger pouches since they use up so much fabric. I
wouldn’t hesitate if you’re interested in grabbing one. Once
these ones are gone, they won’t be restocked and the fabric won’t be

PS. If you purchase one of these or one from any previous collection – I wanna see pictures! Tag me on instagram or even shoot me an email.

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