Friday Favorites #325

 (via: Modcloth)
 How adorable are these mushrooms by Ann Wood?! She sells the pattern so you can make your own.
I want to leave these hello notices everywhere for everyone!!!
This pull down chart of the moon is gorgeous.
These plant holders are so beautiful. They look especially awesome grouped like that.
 (via: Soñadora)
 Ahh! Look at this jewelry holder!
(via: Brit + Co)
This keepsake box is adorable. I like that you can store photos right under where they’re being displayed, it’d make it easy to switch things up.
 (via: Modcloth)
 Oh don’t mind, just obsessing over pretty planners!
(via: Brit + Co)
 Living in the city this address plaque / planter would get stolen or damaged almost immediately but I just love it so much.
(via: Urban Mettle)

Link Love…
▴ Love LOVE love these insect socks!
▴ You know what drives me crazy? When I’m drawn to a fancy version of something that doesn’t necessarily need to be fancy at all. For example, this gold iPhone charging cord is THE prettiest and I desperately want it but I definitely don’t need it.
Bandaru Organics’ design lab always has the neatest plugs. There are currently some sand dollar ones there that are waaaaay cool.
Emily is basically the cutest thing ever in a flower crown! I always felt weird wearing one in public but it’s not like my hair isn’t already ridiculous. I think I need to try again!
▴ Speaking of flowers crowns – LOOK! A succulent crown!

Happy Friday!

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