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At the beginning of the month, for my birthday weekend, Jeff took me to Oglebay. There’s lots to do at there and, despite it not looking like too impressive of a zoo on paper, my first choice was to visit Good Zoo. They have 50 species of animals that reside on their 30 acre property. It’s a fairly small zoo but it was easily one of my favorites. Jeff and I spent nearly three hours here. We zoo-ed, HARD. I think I might have had more fun at this little tiny zoo than I ever have at a zoo before.

I think what I enjoyed most about the zoo was how close you could get to the animals! It wasn’t just “wow, look at that cool animal”, a lot of them you were suuuper close to! The kangaroos, for example, are in a large pen that you can enter. You have to stay on the path but the only thing between you and kangaroos is a small rope. So basically these beautiful creatures are an arms length away, and you have to have crazy strong self control to not try and pet one. 

Beside the kangaroo habitat is an aviary filled with rainbow lorikeets. I was a bit hesitant to enter since I’m not really the biggest fan of birds. I refused to hold one (mostly because I watched them poop all over other people and didn’t really want to deal with that) but Jeff quickly made a friend. This silly little bird would not stop licking him. Jeff would reach his hand up for the bird to walk onto but instead it would bite him then resume licking the sweat off his head and neck. I have a huge number of hilarious/creepy photos of that bird licking him. It was really hard to choose which ones to share.

After walking the entire zoo and then riding the train around the zoo we circled back around to some of the first exhibits. Sometimes it takes me a while to get into the groove of photographing things, especially when other people are around. That plus the fact I really really wanted to see the golden lion tamarins and meerkats again! While I loved basically every single animal I saw these two were my favorites. I’ve been to more than a handful of zoos, how did I never realize how darn cute these guys are!? The tamarins especially! I was actually crying watching them play. Yep, just a few hours shy of turning twenty five and I’m standing in front of a monkey exhibit crying over how cute they are. I could have watched them play all day. I hope I get to meet one some day.

Yeah, so basically the Good Zoo rules. They even offer animal encounters where you can go inside the exhibits with a trainer and feed the animals. There was a couple doing that with the ring-tailed lemurs while we were there. Needless to say, Jeff and I were both green with envy. Maybe another time…

Until next time, little buddy!

You guys, unrelated to this post but related to meerkats – if you too want to cry over cute baby animals, here ya go!

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  • I love your photos, especially the first one! Our local zoo is pretty small too (probably smaller than Good Zoo) but I enjoy visiting once in a while. Even though I've always dreamt about visiting a huge one. Maybe one day. šŸ™‚

  • Ahh! That looks like so much fun! The kangaroo enclosure reminds me of our local zoo, The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.You walk along a roped path in the Australian Adventure and the roos are an arms length away just chilling under trees and what not. They are suppose to open up the new Sting Ray Bay where you can pet some rays. I'm very excited to see it before the summer is up.

    • PAT THE ROOS?!?!

      That's made even better since you said "pat" and I'm just imagining very lightly patting one on the head and it's very very cute and I need go do that like right now.

  • Whaaaaat?! Can I please have a job where meerkats climb all over me?!

    Also, there was a guy in my second grade class and his favorite animals were Golden Lion Tamarins, and I always thought that was so cool because it wasn't a cat, dog, horse, or other *typical* favorite animal of a second grader. Anyways, whenever I see them, I'm reminded of that guy from second grade, haha, how weird!

    • Dude, right!?!? I just wanna play with and photograph baby animals allllll day.

      Hahah, that's really cute. It's funny how little things like that can remind of you from someone so long ago. I have things like that too.

  • Omg baby meercat! I totally watched that video and looked at the resulting photos! I honestly didn't realize that there was a zoo in Wheeling! That's so close! There is another zoo that has the kangaroos like that, I think it might be Columbus or Cincinnati, which are both great zoos. Columbus being my favorite because of their manatee exhibit, even though Cincinnati lets you feed giraffes, Columbus still wins because I can't say no to the majestic sea cow.

    • I think you might be able to feed giraffes at the Cleveland zoo too! I'm not 100% positive but I think I recall seeing quarter machine things with food right by their enclosure.

      Now I just want to go visit all the Ohio zoos! šŸ˜›

    • I definitely just now saw this…and I am just now realizing that I haven't been to the Cleveland zoo. I want to visit there, but I really want to visit The Wilds…are you familiar with that? You should totes look it up if not. They have yurts you can stay the night in on the grounds. I also highly recommend the Columbus zoo at Christmas time to look at the lights. It's totally dorky but I love it in a deep way. At whichever of the zoos you can feed giraffes they have little cracker type things and you have to go at certain times to do it. It's fun though.