project 365 // 206 – 218

206 : 365 Test arrangement.
207 : 365 Happy plants in the sun. More photos + some tips for healthy plants here!
208 : 365 My personal museum.
209 : 365 An outtake for this post about my camera equipment.
210 : 365 Hi there!
211 : 365 Queen of the castle. Also queen of the side-eye.
212 : 365 Shooting my annual outfit post with balloons!
213 : 365 An overlook in West Virginia. Jeff and I were just driving around looking for somewhere to get out and explore when we stumbled unto this place.
214 : 365 Sneaking into a room during a guided tour to take a selfie.
215 : 365 A peek at my one of my newest prints! I actually had a fabric collection that should have been done before this set even got worked on but someone stole the package right out of my mailbox. I’m still really upset about it but feeling like I got the last laugh since one of the prints was of dentures. I would have loved to see their face when they opened the package.
216 : 365 A little something coming next week!
217 : 365 Some plant babies!
218 : 365 Getting a new phone case is seriously so exciting.

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