project 365 // days 227 – 233

227 : 365 Jason peeking out the window of an abandoned factory. I can’t quite put my finger on it but for some reason this photo is one of my favorites from the day.
(More photos here!)
 228 : 365 This boar mount is easily the best trash find of 2015… possibly ever! Other than missing a few bottom teeth it has no real damage. I checked extensively for bugs, which could have been a reason why someone got rid of it, and found no traces. I even had the perfect spot on my wall for him. I’m so pumped!
 229 : 365 Smiley pup!
 230 : 365 Two freshly cleaned otter skulls.
 231 : 365 Klaus’ ear looked silly so I knelt down on the floor to grab a picture. I noticed the evening light seemed to be dancing so I snagged a few hoping to make a GIF …but I didn’t take into account the range of silly emotions that puppy dog’s face was going through. What a dork. The more I watch it the funnier his eyebrows become.
 232 : 365 More skulls! I actually cleaned out my curio cabinet so that it now only holds my best specimens. It was getting a little crowded and I’m getting better with each skull I finish so I wanted my collection to represent that.
Speaking of skull cleaning – I am in the process of writing a post (fiiiiiinally). I’m still feeling very unsure of it. Basically, I really don’t want to upset anyone because I realize it is a very sensitive subject but I feel that I do have great deal of information to share on the subject. So, if skull cleaning is something you’re interested in are there any questions you have? Is there any part of the process your struggling with? Anything specific you’d like tips on? Either leave a comment or shoot me an email!
  233 : 265  I bought a new shirt because I liked how ridiculous it looked with my hair which was kind of funny because when I was checking out the cashier said “Did you mean for your hair to be those colors?” 
Lapel pins by Hooptedoodle.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

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