what I wore : birthday attire

Yesterday I turned twenty five! Eeep! But I’ve been celebrating for a few days now and I’ll probably keep celebrating this week because that’s just how I roll. ย 

Jeff took me to Oglebay over the weekend to celebrate. I cried over how cute tamarins are, ate the best burger of my life, devoured chocolate that was too good for words, took a bath in a massive bath tub, rode an aqua cycle, and we had a stinken fire place in our hotel room! (We cranked the air up so we could at least turn on the fire place for a little bit!) I’ve been feeling more than a bit worn down by the city so it was SO nice to escape if only for a few days. I’m back home feeling refreshed, and ready to get down to business – an excellent way to start my twenty sixth year!

Here’s to making this year even better than the last!

Just because I love silly traditions here’s a peek back at previous year’s birthday outfit posts ft. balloons! 2013 + 2014

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