Wigwam Village #7

by Kaylah Stroup

One of my greatest joys in life is crossing off goals. That sounds weird, but stay with me here, I just find such great pleasure in making goals and accomplishing them. It doesn’t matter how silly the goal it is or how insignificant it may seem to someone else, I just love accomplishing things. Some days on my to-do list along with work related things I’ll write “shower”, “make bed”, etc just because I love crossing things off.

Since the second I learned about Wigwam Village a few years back I knew I needed to stay there. I love tacky roadside attractions, and tourist traps. It’s just so kitsch, how could you not love it!? For the longest time I couldn’t find anyone to go with. The only one I knew of at the time was in seven hours away in Kentucky. No one saw the point except me.

Fast forward a few years to June of 2014, Jeff and I are getting ready to head out west on our first big road trip together. While looking up things in the area I realized there was another Wigwam Village in Holbrook, Arizona. We stayed, and it was just awesome as I had made it out to be in my mind. It was in no way luxurious but it was awesome!

When I got home I did a bunch of research on the history of Wigwam Village. Originally built in the 1930s + 40s, there were seven Wigwam Village locations. Now only three remain, each of which has been added to the National Register of Historic Places. Holbrook, Arizona, Cave City, Kentucky, and San Bernardino, California. I had to visit the other two!

A few months later, for our six month anniversary Jeff and I took a trip down to Cave City and stayed at that Wigwam Village.  Then in June, while on our most recent road trip, we finally crossed number three off the list, San Bernardino – number seven of the original seven! I say finally but we managed to stay at all three of the remaining Wigwam Villages in a span of just a few days over a year which is pretty darn awesome, right?!

Of the three Wigwam Villages I think this one was the nicest inside. It might have even been bit bigger than the others as well. That’s not to put the others down though, all three were clean, had friendly staff, and made for super cool photo opportunities.

I celebrated crossing off my goal of staying at the three remaining Wigwam Villages by getting a permanent souvenir. While shoving my face with a delicious burger from In-N-Out I searched for tattoo artists in the area. I wasn’t able to find one in San Bernardino on such short notice but found Mikey Sarratt at High Noon Tattoo in Phoenix. He not only responded to my email super quickly, but came in on his day off just to do this little tattoo. I was SO nervous but I seriously could not be happier with the finished result!

Special thanks to Jeff for being more than willing to make all my silly little dreams come true. That guy hates staying anywhere but really nice hotels but made the exception because he understood how much it meant to me. You da best! I love you!


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