2015 Fall Goals

It’s officially fall now! Everyone’s favorite season, or at least that’s what the blog world makes it seem like. I absolutely love fall. I know it basically only means winter is creeping up on us. While I’m not looking forward to snow I am looking forward to crunchy leaves, cool weather, wearing clothes I actually like, allllll the beautiful colors autumn brings and hot drinks!

The older I get the quicker times flies by. It used to feel like each season lasted for ages but now it seems they’re gone in the blink of an eye. I mean I know I complained all summer about the heat but dang, how is summer over already?! I want to make the most of my favorite season so I made a little list of goals I want to accomplish this fall.

This fall I want to…
Go to a haunted house! Or at least try my hardest to convince friends we have to go… I’m not going to a haunted house alone, and I already told Jeff it can’t be just me and him. I’m such a wuss I think the only way I won’t have a heart attack is to have someone there in my group who is more frightened than me. My only two haunted house experiences were when I was much younger. The first time I just buried my head in my brother’s back the whole walk, and the second time I turned around and walked out about two minutes in. Haha. I’d like to conquer this silly little fear.

Press lots of leaves. I don’t think I’ve pressed any plants all summer long and I suppose that’s fine because fall is my favorite time to press anyway!

Visit the abandoned greenhouse. I’ve visited the abandoned greenhouse twice now, once in the winter without snow and again in the summer. Ever since the first time I have been waiting eagerly to see it in the fall.

Accept the question “Did you do that for Halloween?” with grace. Or find a funny response… Normally I avoid having hair that coordinates with a holiday (orange near Halloween, green near Saint Patrick’s Day, red near Christmas, etc) but I really don’t want to dye my hair right now. I’m still loving the orange. I’m dreading hearing people ask that question though. I know it doesn’t sound that bad but when you hear it constantly and from people who say it with thinly veiled snark it gets old reeeeal fast.

Don’t forget how awesome the beach is. I kind of avoid the beach in the summer for the most part since there are so many people there. I love the beach in the fall because it’s so peaceful. I’m not longer in the habit of going though, I need to get back into the swing of it.

Take lots of photos! This season brings the prettiest colors, I want to capture them all!

Pick at least one bouquet of wild flowers. I love picking wild flowers and I used to take the time to pull over and pick myself bouquets fairly but honestly can’t remember the last time I did that. This apartment needs more flowers!

Visit the sunflower garden. There is a giiiiiant sunflower garden that was planted in memorial of a young girl that passed from cancer back in 2007. I’ve been seeing photos pop up of it a lot these last few days. I have to go see it in person.

Keep up the biking momentum! Fall weather is my favorite to bike in. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. I want to keep on racking up those miles.

Spring Fall Cleaning. I don’t understand spring cleaning seeing as the nice weather means you won’t actually be in the house very much. I’m all about that cool weather cleaning. My big thing I want to get all sorted out is my kitchen. Under the sink is a mess, and I know my cabinets could be neater. Also, it’s just me living here I don’t need ninety nine million mugs.


What are some of your goals for this fall? It’s not too late to make some if you haven’t already.


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  • I'll be posting my goals soon too-I'm so excited about FALL 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have fun with the Haunted House! We try and go to at least one ever year…and I'm always the one giggling through it..which makes me a target for the people working it haha! Have you heard of the Great Horror Campout? It sounds fun-but suuuuper creepy 🙂

  • Does anyone else miss back to school shopping as an adult? Every. I freak out for fall, I was born on the last day of summer, under the harvest moon and my middle name means The Harvester. I want to….
    Ride my bike more
    Watch the leaves fall from my new porch
    Walk a ton
    Gorge myself on psls and candy corn
    Make pies
    Put up a ton of fruit and veg
    Tractor pulls
    Hay rides
    Apple Picking was cancelled bc of frost 🙁
    Wear hoodies, jeans and justins
    Actually have our fiirst trick or treater (7 houses, not one tot)
    I know theres more…
    You're lucky to have sunflowers now! Theyre my fave flower but come in early summer here and are dying off.

  • Oh I totally hear you on the haunted house fear!! The last one I went to was with my ex and as we were walking out he went out the door and one of the actors shut the door so I couldn't get out and LEGIT came up close to me and said "your boyfriend is out there now what are you gonna do??" It was TERRIFYING. They always find the people who are obviously freaked out (always me!) And ditto on fall cleaning! I've been on a cleaning craze lately.

  • I definitely want to make the most out of fall! It seems to be the quickest season around here so it's easy to miss. I really want to visit a pumpkin patch and go through a corn maze this year. I have never done either of those before. I've never visited a haunted house either, I may have to work myself up to that! Hope your autumn is awesome!!

  • I can't wait to visit multiple pumpkin patches and watch ghost and horror shows without feeling weird about it. They are my favorite shows to watch and it feels kind of weird to watch them in the middle of summer…
    Hope you have a great season!
    Pretty Lovely

  • I have a comeback for the Hallowe'en hair comment…. "Did you do that for Hallowe'en?" you say "Yeah. What's your excuse?" but only if they sound snarky. If they don't then say "No but thank you for noticing!"

    • See, I'd rather not be mean. I'm not sure what I good response would be I don't think fighting fire with fire works very well. People like that usually already have something against people with colored hair/tattoos/etc and there's no need to give them a reason.

  • I fall clean too! It's the best. Can you pick any flowers along the side of the road there? We have rules about those things. So to be safe I never do. But I was curious if maybe other states don't have rules.
    Haunted houses definitely better with a crowd. Preferably one big enough you can be in the middle of, whatever might get me needs to go through my much braver friends first. HaHa!

  • What a great list! I'm really excited for the autumn, really lovely season holding a lot of pleasant memories for me. And I just love colorful trees, conkers, pumpkins, Halloween and warm, cosy clothes 🙂
    Plus it's the first year I may go with my daughter trick or treating 😀

  • Love this, Kaylah. Thank you for the reminder to go out and pick wildflowers this season, I'm going to get on that -today-! I plan to carve several pumpkins, make fall cordials, cook pumpkin pies and pumpkin soup, write up my annual Horror movie analysis, make a favorite horror playlist, and and explore/photography spooky places this October!

  • I love your leaf photos!! I totally get the hair color question too, and it really does get old fast. I'm looking forward to corn mazes! Also, fall leaves – I'm originally from PA, and after living in CA for 3 years (barely any fall leaves) I'm happy to be back on the east coast (Virginia). I haven't accepted that it's fall yet though because summer is my favorite season haha.

  • Good luck on the haunted house thing, I could NEVER do that or a haunted hayride. I either cry the whole time or just sit there, paralyzed with fear. Scary things are awful 🙁

    If someone asks about your hair, you could act all perplexed and say, "well, no, I was just eating a lot of pumpkin-flavored things and one day I woke up and it was this color! Isn't that SO strange?!" But you have to do it with a straight face, like you're really confused too! Hahaha, that would be the best! 🙂

  • Good luck with the haunted house outing. Despite being a great loving of horror novels, shows and movies, haunted houses are not something I can do. Unless it's a 'real' haunted house. Those are fine. Haunted mazes with actors that chase you around with chainsaws? No. Way.

  • Inspiring!!! I might put up a summer goals list! Will be sure to credit you! Summer is my favourite season. Fall is truly beautiful though, especially with the leaves. Lovely idea to press them.
    🙂 Xo

  • I will have to make some goals. We always try to go to a haunted house or two. Before we had kids, Hubby and I used to work for a haunted house and it was always so much fun! Even though I know lots of the "tricks of the trade" they still scare a good scream out of me.

  • hope you hit all of your fall goals. for me, i will be avoiding all haunted houses and anything scary. i prefer not to pee my pants, especially not in public.
    regarding the hair and people's questions, i choose to think strangers bold enough to ask someone they don't know such questions are generally curious. (doesn't matter what their reasons actually are, i assign curious and innocent to folks like that.) i find the best reaction to be a happy, enthusiastic, "NOPE! I FIND THE COLOR TO BE SO HAPPY AND PRETTY ALL YEAR LONG!" helps if you say it with the biggest smile you can muster. who knows, maybe one day they will decide to color their hair to find some of your joy. it is my hope that no matter what you decide, others don't dictate how you shine.
    love to you.