Friday Favorites #329

Obviously I love fun socks, but the photo is what really seals the deal here for me!
 (via: Many Mornings)
Love that this fanny pack looks like it’s made of ugly hotel carpet. (“Ugly hotel carpet” is most definitely a term of endearment. I will someday have a room with ugly hotel carpet, it’s my favorite.)
(via: Brit + Co)
This calendar is way cool! I think it would look so awesome on the side of my lockers.
This sweater looks so cozy.
 (via: Modcloth)
 If there’s ever one time I would think I would be safe from cat calls it would be when I’m on my bike. I am sweaty, my face is beat red, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you could smell me from a mile away. For some reason it attracts the creeps like nothing else. It is possibly the single most annoying thing in the world. Dudes pull up beside my bike and try to holler, it’s the worst. I was browsing Brit + Co when I saw this floral push pop confetti thingamajig and my first thought was “Oh my god, I want to shoot it into people’s cars!” It would make such a beautiful mess. They’d be finding pieces for months! 
(via: Brit + Co)
Donut lapel pin! Yes, please! They also sell a watermelon pin.
 (via: Felt Good Co.)
Kate Funk has a 2016 calendar out and it looks like the best thing ever.

(via: Kate Funk)

I feel like I’ve shared about half a million test tube vases, they’re just way too awesome.
 (via: Mamakea Vintage)
(via: Modcloth)

Link Love…
▴ Love this print so much.
This shop easily has the coolest beach towels ever!
▴ Out of all the plugs I own, none are sparkly like these. I should probably get on that!
▴ I wish I had the spare cash to buy myself a diamond ring because LOOK AT THIS ONE.
▴ Because everyone needs a shirt with little kitties on the shoulders.
▴ How adorable is this hedgehog door mat?!

Happy Friday!

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