Friday Favorites #331

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I was literally just thinking “Man, I wish I had rainboots that weren’t so tall” and then BAM! I stumbled upon these glitter ones
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I’ve been thinking a lot about getting a hat to wear when I’m on my bicycle. I love the ridiculous pattern on this one. It’s so bright and fun.

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How awesome is this head stem badge?! Some sort of tooth related accessory is probably the only thing that could make my bike more awesome.

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Ah! A letterpress print block of a tooth. No idea what I’d do with it but I love it and it’d look great in my collection.

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 Take a second to look at a close up of these beetles, they’re made of paper and other recycled materials. Isn’t that amazing?!
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Love the color of these pants. They’re perfect for fall.
 (via: Modcloth)
I don’t normally clip my hair but I’m growing out a portion of my bangs so until they get long enough I am letting everything get long. 95% of the time they’re driving me crazy and I have to bobby pin them back. How fantastic would this cat hair clip look in my hair!!
 (via: Moorea Seal)
Way into this plant stand!

Link Love…
▴ I tweeted about this a few weeks back but this is my new favorite vine account. You guys, I love big cats so much.
▴ This wolf necklace is adorable!
▴ So so so into this jacket. I feel like the color would look awesome with my orange hair.
Kitty tape for all your mailing needs!
▴ Speaking of kitties – cat sweater!
▴ This shower curtain rules.
▴ The pattern on this weekend bag is perfect.

Happy Friday!

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