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I suppose you could call this a gratuitous plant post, I just wanted to share some photos of my succulents. I am seriously so proud of these lil guys. I’ve never in my life had plants that were this happy, and growing this well. Taking photos of them is something I do often… maybe a little too often but it’s so much fun to be able to look back at a photo from the beginning of summer, last month, or even last week and see how much a certain plant has grown.

The weather will be changing soon and they’ll have to be moved inside for the winter. I’m a little bit nervous to see how they do being back inside. I’m worried there just won’t be enough sunlight inside but I guess the worst thing that can happen is they get leggy, and I have to propagate which just leaves me with more plants to play around with!

For the longest time I could never figure out how people got such nice full arrangements. I would try buy smaller plants and stuff them into a planter but it would never look the same. Growing my own plants has allowed me to finally achieve the look I have loved this whole time. So one my plant goals for next year is to work on my arrangements. Above is one of my favorites. The variety of colors, shapes, and textures is just perfect. I’m pretty proud those are all plants that started from a single leaf.

Along with probably twice the number of succulents, since I’m a lot less picky of an eater I think next year I want to grow some things of my own to eat. Kaylah’s pepper farm?! I just want to grow all the things. Gardening is so rewarding. Any of you guys grow anything this year you’re excited about?

PS. In case you missed it, you can find my post on propagating succulents here!

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  • This is the first time in years that I am able to grow my own stuff! I've lived in apartments in historical areas, meaning no ledges, porches, backyards, or decks. So it meant doing everything inside and I wasn't down with that. Now my husband and I own a townhouse/condo and we have a small deck so I think next year I want to grow some ground cherries and grasses. I might steal some succulents from my boss and try and plant them as well.

  • Your arrangements are so lovely! The pots all look so wonderfully full and happy. 🙂

    Since moving I've bought quite a few succulents. I love them, but a lot of them are getting leggy (I guess I don't get enough sun indoors). I'm definitely going to try propagating them in the spring and creating a nicer sunny environment for them, perhaps outdoors.

  • I love your arrangements!! I think the one with the tiny cactus is my favorites. My parents love to grow their own tomatoes because they are super easy. This year they cleared a piece of land to do a bunch of vegetable growing and it was awesome. My friend also grows his own basil and tomatoes on a porch in the city!!