One of a Kind Pet Rescue

Do you know what I did last Friday? I pet ninety-nine cats. Well, one hundred and one if you count mine. After spending the morning skateboarding Jeff and I swung by One of a Kind Pet Rescue. A few months back we were driving by it when a giant dog statue outside caught my eye. I was having a rough weekend and just really wanted to pet some animals so I asked Jeff to turn around. I was not expecting this place to be so darn awesome.

When we wandered into One of a Kind Pet Rescue for the first time it just filled me with the warm fuzzies. The cats aren’t in cages, they’re in rooms visitors can freely come in and out of. (I like to pet cats without having to ask permission first, I don’t know about you…)  In the largest of the cat room there is a massive spiral staircase that has these clear compartments off the sides for the cats to lounge in. When you look up you get the most hilarious view of squished kitty bellies! The cats have tons of cozy places to sleep, and lots of toys. Surprisingly enough, with all those cats, it doesn’t smell! Best of all, unlike any other shelter I’ve been in, it’s not sad there at all. Jeff commented it was probably the happiest he had ever seen me. Hah! Obviously I’d rather cats didn’t have to be in shelters at all, but the ones who end up here are pretty darn lucky.

On our most recent visit I decided to take some photos to share here on the blog because I am just so tickled pink by the space One of a Kind Pet Rescue has created for these animals. I’m not exactly sure how many readers I have in the Akron, Ohio area but if even one kitty gets adopted because of this post I’ll be a happy camper!

I may or may not have fallen in love a handful of times during our visit. First with Tinker, pictured above. That cat was so sweet. She just kept slamming her little head into our hands and faces like “if you won’t pet me, I’ll pet me for you!” Jeff isn’t allowed to have pets at his apartment so I’m pretty sure he was secretly hoping I’d cave and bring her home and believe me, I wanted to. I know Professor would have loved her, they seem like they’re a lot alike.

Another kitty who stole my heart was this angel. Cute black cat with fancy ear fuzz, okay okay but when you see this cat from another angle it’s just too much! He or she had a permanent little smile. I couldn’t help but giggle every time I caught a glimpse of those tiny teeth. I don’t think you could wake up next to that cat in a bad mood.

If you’re anywhere near the Akron area I can’t recommend One of a Kind Pet Rescue enough. Adopt a kitty, volunteer or even just go hang out with the cats for a little while!

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