The Geauga County Fair

The weekend before last Jeff and I met up with my parents to spend the morning at the county fair.  Jeff had never been to a fair before so I was low key super excited to show him something that was such a big part of my life for so long. I was in 4-H from the time I was old enough to join until I was seventeen. I would count down the days until the fair. I saved all my money so I could buy slushies, strombolis, and fart bombs. It was basically the best week ever every single summer. The Geauga County Fair isn’t “my” fair but the sights, the smells, and just the whole vibe in general still gets me every time. The fair will always hold a very special place in my heart.

We arrived right as the fair was opening so we basically had the place to ourselves. The animals were, of course, my priority. I wanted to see, pet, and baby talk them all! My favorite was an alpaca named Dotty who was oh so precious but not photogenic at all. So here are a bunch of other photos from the day…

Look how pretty that horsey’s hair is!

Other than the animals two things that stick out to me about our visit are kettle corn and funnel cake. Those were the two things that were Jeff’s fair priority. You guys, how did I spend so much time at the fair and never once think “Hmm, I should probably try these things.” He made me try both and wooooooooow. We bought a big bag of kettle corn so I at least got to munch on that for a few days afterward.

I’m already looking forward to visiting again next year, half for the animals and half for the funnel cake.

You can see 2013’s post from the fair here. There’s a photo of my parents posting by the same giant steer!

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