two million sunflowers

Last week I shared my list of goals I had set for this season (read them here) and one of those goals was to visit the sunflower garden. While plotting out what I’d be doing for the next few days I decided to check facebook for the garden’s address in case it was near something else I wanted to do. While searching I saw where someone had asked how the sunflowers were faring since it was getting so late in the season. Whoever runs the page responded back that they were starting to droop and that if that person wanted to come that they should go immediately. So, that’s how I ended up crossing off one of my goals the same day.

Prayers from Maria, and this massive sunflower field were created by Maria McNamara’s family after she passed away at age seven from a brain tumor. This sunflower field was created to help raise awareness for childhood cancer and celebrate Maria’s life. I read somewhere but can’t seem to find it again that after the flowers have peaked the seeds are then sold at one of the local garden centers raise money for research which is grossly underfunded. Last year they sold out pretty quickly. The field is much larger now, and there were more than two million sunflowers seeds planted this year! Hopefully those will be sold just as quickly!

I was definitely a little bit late to visit the flowers. Even a week
earlier and I think the flowers may have been in better shape. Drooping
or not, it was incredible to see SO many sunflowers in one place and for such a great cause. What a beautiful memorial that was grown and enjoyed by many!

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