Love, Anji

When I moved to Cleveland I met some really awesome people. People who inspired me to be a better photographer, to become a bad ass babe on a bike, and who made me fall back in love with small businesses. Anji falls into that last category. Just to be clear I’ve always been a big fan of small biz but being able to see one in action outside of my own makes my heart flutter.

Anji is allergic to flowers so before her wedding she realized she needed an alternative. She ended up making her own flowers, and basically, the rest is history. Six months later she was selling at local markets and shows. In July 2013 she opened up a stall in 5th Street Arcades. Fast forward to September 15th of this year and she just opened her very own store front in the Arcade!

Last week she asked me to come work at the store while her and Jake celebrated their anniversary. For some reason this lady thought I was responsible enough to take care of business while she took a much deserved day off. Haha! I was pretty nervous but I had an absolute blast. In general, with people I don’t know, I’m extremely shy but I actually really really enjoyed interacting with customers. Two of which stood out from the rest. The first was a younger guy who was buying his wife a bouquet for their first anniversary – the paper anniversary! I’m pretty sure there literally could not be a more perfect gift. He was so nervous. The second was an older gentleman who was also picking out a bouquet for his wife. I helped him choose the perfect flowers. It was cute to see how much thought he was putting in to it. I just enjoy being a tiny, tiny part a love story. I’m a huge sap. That was always one of my favorite things when I saw sewing full time, wrapping up orders that included notes for loved ones.

Anyway while I wasn’t just melting over people buying things for loved ones I shot some photos of the store because I knew I had to blog about this place…

Anji does weddings, takes custom orders, and is basically the sweetest lil thing ever. I’m proud to call Anji a friend and more than excited to share her work here with you! If you’re in the Cleveland area make sure to swing by the new store. If not, be sure to check out her website!


Love, Anji
530 Euclid Ave.
Suite 20
Cleveland, OH 44115

ps. If you ever want to look her up but can’t find this post or remember her name, typing “” in your address bar will forward you to her site. How awesome is that?! 

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