project 365 // days 270 – 275

270 : 365 Spent my morning at the beach reading a book. I used to read so much but I don’t think I’ve even finished one book this year. It felt really nice to just sit down and read, even if only for a little while.
 271 : 365 Jeff and I went down to the tracks to take some photos for an upcoming blog post. I got THE coolest shot of him and a train but my memory card ate it. I have literally never ever had a problem with my memory cards or any cameras I’ve ever owned so it figured it would happen when I get a shot I’m pumped about. It stayed up on the screen long enough for me to show him and then the next time I turned on my camera it and all the photos shot around that time were gone. I’m still pouting.
 272 : 365 Last Tuesday I watched my friend Anji’s new storefront for her while she celebrated her anniversary. It was a lot of fun. I have a post coming up this week with tons more photos!
 273 : 365 My girl!
 274 : 365 Plants, plants, and more plants! The first photo is one of a handful of pots that are just full of odds and ends I’m trying to grow. It was all neatly laid out until a nosy little squirrel came and dug in it!
275 : 365 All my babies.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

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