what I wore : blending in


jeans – Skinny jeans c/o Macy’s
camera bag – Jo Totes
boots – Palladium Boots

Insert obligatory few sentences about how much I love fall. The colors, you guys, the colorssss! šŸ˜›
This is my first year having orange hair in autumn. I usually try to avoid it since strangers inevitably ask dumb questions and make rude comments. Seriously, where do people come from that calling a stranger on the street “pumpkin head” is acceptable?! I wasn’t ready to dye my hair a new color so I just decided to roll with it this year. While the comments are just as annoying as ever I kind of love having a hair color that matches the season so well. Just down the street from me there is a tree that perfectly matches my hair and every time I walk under it I hope anyone who see me is appreciating just how awesome it looked. Hah!
I knew since I blended in so well this year I had to make sure to go find a pretty background to take outfit photos in front of. My obvious first choice was the cemetery! I’m pretty sure there is nothing prettier than a cemetery in fall. I visited Monroe Street Cemetery (which I blogged about last fall) and it did not disappoint. It was a struggle to not pick up every single pretty leaf I found to press. Can this season just last forever!?


Hope you’re having an excellent week.

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