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Its been a little over a month since my last post on my plants (see here) which in my mind is more than enough time to not feel super crazy about sharing a bunch of photos of them again. I really enjoy photographing them so I can keep tabs on how they’re growing… plus they’re super pretty, duh! Everything grows so slowly that I may think nothing is happening at all but a photo from a month ago will prove me wrong.

In mid-October it started to get chilly outside so I dragged everything in off my porch. The first few days of alllll the plants being in my office it felt a little bit crowded, especially considering the fact my two largest plants doubled in size over the summer. They’ve been inside for enough time now that the cluttered look of everything squished onto a few tables in front my windows is starting to grow on me. I’m liking my little jungle. Earlier in the year I shared photos of my vanity area and mentioned how I felt like a goddess everyday while putting on my make-up surrounded by plants. I still feel the same way. Someday I want to live somewhere with enough natural light that I can permanently have plants both indoors and out. I enjoy being surrounded by them. Really, I just need my own greenhouse.

Look at that Christmas cactus blooming!!!

It hasn’t been all that long since they’ve been inside and I can already see definite changes. Some of my favorites have lost their color since they aren’t getting as much sun and others are getting a tiny bit leggy. Needle + Leaves actually just posted about growing succulents in artificial light. (read here) Part of me wants to just let the plants do whatever they want with the light they get since getting leggy just means more things for me to eventually propagate. The other half of me wants to experiment with grow lights. We’ll see…

The ones below are my pups, everything I’m working on propagating. The large pot was actually super organized. I had laid everything out meticulously but before I brought it in for the winter a squirrel looking for the perfect place to bury some treasures completely tore it up. It made me so mad I just wanted to trash everything. Since things we already starting to grow I decided to keep them but not worry about rearranging. Laying out tiny leaf after tiny leaf in a neat row or pattern is kind of boring but it does look so much nicer. Maybe some time in the middle of winter I’ll get bored enough to do it.

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The only really good thing about having all my plants squished inside, other than the fact I get to see them while I work, is that it makes me realize how many I have and that is keeping me away from all my favorite garden centers. I’m not sure how long that will actually last. I’m sure I’ll end up convincing myself that one more won’t hurt anything. Hah!

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