project 365 // days 311 – 318

311 : 365 From the abandoned subway in Rochester (which I still need to edit my photos from!) we could smell barbecue. We absolutely had to have it for lunch, and let me tell you it did not disappoint. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que rules. I could really really go for another pulled pork sandwich right now. A year ago I thought putting coleslaw on sandwiches was basically the grossest thing you could do but now I can’t get enough!
 312 : 365 I’m not ready to give up my pumpkin yet, not until it rots but I guess putting out an eggnog candle from Weird Beard Candle Co is almost like decorating for the next holiday, right?
 313 : 365 My beautiful Squid looking oh so grumpy.
 314 : 365 A lazy “I got home late and didn’t want to actually take the time to take an interesting picture so here’s some candles” shot. After a few straight years of Project 365 I’m allowed a few of those now and then!
 315 : 365 I’ve been helping out a few days a week at my friend Anji’s store. (read more here.) Last week she was away so I worked the whole week taking care of the shop and making things for the Cleveland Flea which I’ll be at, come out + say hi! It was a lot of fun doing something so different than what I’m used to and I really love taking the train.
 316 : 365 Pretty pumped about this cactus ring. Also, I’ve been taking the time to paint my nails in fun designs again and I feel so much more like me! Hah! Now I just have to get back into the habit of photographing them.
 317 : 365 My other christmas cactus in full bloom. I can’t believe how many flowers this little thing produced.
318 : 365 I walked in the door crabby and hungry (so really just hangry) and saw Squid laying in this picture perfect ray of sun. I couldn’t not grab my camera!

Whew! My week feels all outta whack. I know that it’s Monday and technically this post is a day late but it feels like Sunday to me. Today is for figuring out my blog schedule and finishing some little tweaks to the new layout which you totally noticed because it looks so beautiful, RIGHT?

Hope y’all have a lovely Monday!

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