Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

We didn’t really plan much for our trip to Toronto. Since we were going to be doing all traveling in the city by foot or by train I thought it would be more fun to just to wander around and take things as they came instead of having specific places plotted out to visit. One thing that I really wanted to do though was visit the aquarium. I love aquariums and I had heard Toronto was supposed to have a pretty impressive one. Albeit, I was a bit nervous about visiting since I had read a lot of reviews saying how incredibly crowded it gets – like wall to wall people. I’m not too keen on crowds.

The lure of visiting an amazing aquarium was too much for me to resist. Surprisingly, even though it was Halloween, the aquarium wasn’t too crowded. Okay, so, there were a few times where in my head I was thinking “Ughhh, mooooove!” All in all, it was a pretty awesome experience. I’m really glad we went despite any reservations I had.

There were two main highlights for me at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. One was Dangerous Lagoon which is a massive tank that is a tunnel you’re able to walk through. (seen below) It has a moving walkway so you can basically just look around, chill, take pictures, etc without worrying about walking into anyone. There are oodles of fish in there but the stars of the show are obviously the sharks. Let me tell you, having a shark swim right over your head is waaaay cool. I really enjoyed looking at all their teeth as they leisurely drifted above me. I’ve been to oodles of aquariums but I had never really been able to be so close to a shark before. It was awesome!

The other thing I really loved at the aquarium was the Shoreline Gallery. It’s a large, shallow-ish tank where you’re allowed to touch stingrays, and according to the website, sharks as well. (There was a sign up that said not to touch the sharks while we were there! Boo!) YOU GUYS, I loved petting the stingrays! As they swam around the tank they’d come close to the edge and come up high enough for you to reach. It reminded me of the ways cats lean into to be pet. Stingrays feel so awesome. I could have sat there and giggled at them all day. The aquarium also offers a stringray experience where you get to be in the tank with them but in true Kaylah and Jeff form we didn’t know this until it was too late.


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