Friday Favorites #343

I am melting over this door. Lately I’ve been seeing all sorts of colorful doors and it’s killing me. I need one in my life!
I’ve always admired Philippa Rice’s Soppy series. Although I must admit I didn’t realize who actually made the panels, or that it was even a series. I just saw them pop up on my tumblr dashboard from time to time and loved them. Turns out there is even a book!
 (via: Philippa Rice)
The fun packaging was what drew me in but you guys, these are fancy sugars! That one in the middle, Mr. Gigglepants, is organic cane sugar with hibiscus and citrus. That sounds so delicious!
I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this table in the past but I found it again this week and actually thought of the perfect place for it in my apartment. Must…resist…silly…..purchases….
Black and white striped plus elbow patches is always a winning combination.
 (via : ASOS)
 (via: Urban Outfitters)
I’m a big fan of all weird little glass container things but I never ever know what I would do with them. Then I found this house shaped one and immediately thought how cute this tiny little taxidermy duckling I own would look inside!
Way into this nail polish color!
 (via: Urban Outfitters)
Business cats! So darn cute!
 (via: Supah)
(via: Modcloth)

Link Love…
 ▴ This slip looks like it’d make an awesome nightgown. And this sleep romper? The cutest!
 ▴ I can’t believe how insanely well made this needlefelted goat looks. That is talent!
 ▴ I’m a sucker for strappy bras.
 ▴ Forever jealous of Angie‘s travel posts. This hotel looks incredible, my goodness!
 ▴ I’m loving this chandelier.
 ▴ This candle‘s packaging is adorable… and I’m sure it smells great too.
 ▴Are paper plates even allowed to be this cute?!

Happy Friday! xoxo

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