my first holiday party!

Every once in a while, far less often than we’d all wish, my friends and I get together to have breakfast for dinner. We all meet up at someones house, each bringing some breakfast element to contribute, and hangout making up delicious, albeit sometimes strange, food concoctions. I had been wanting to host one for a while now, basically ever since I had moved into my new apartment…a year ago. I finally got the push I had been waiting for when I was contacted by asking if I’d like to throw a non-traditional holiday gathering. Heck yes, I would! So that’s how I ended up throwing my very first party EVER – a waffle themed breakfast for dinner party with a black and white dress code.

I was a little bit hesitant to accept the offer. A few weeks ago if you were to ask me where to find unique, affordable decor I probably wouldn’t have even thought about After spending a bit of time browsing online, I was pleasantly surprised to find they had a great number of things that were totally my style! I wanted to pick up a few things to make my living room feel a little bit more in season (I literally had no Christmas decor!) and of course, I needed a some odds and ends for the party like glasses, carafes, etc. I even managed to find striped napkins!

I hadn’t planned on buying a Christmas tree… at all! Then I saw this little white pre-lit one in store and couldn’t resist getting it. I set it up the second I got home. ITS SO DARN CUTE! It totally makes my living room. I think for a long time I thought that Christmas decor had to be tacky or something but this white tree actually perfectly fits my living room. And those lights across my ceiling? They may or may not be staying up all year.

Something else that I picked up that I ended up really loving were these awesome carafes that have a chalkboard section for you to write what is inside. I had plans to make really fancy punches but ended up sherbert/champagne/cran-rasberry punch, which was super tasty even though I never touch alcohol, and good old kool-aid. Haha! Even if the drinks weren’t fancy I loved the presentation. The carafes on the pretty tray (from the Pioneer Woman collection!!) with paper straws – so cute! Plus it worked out nicely set up on a tray because we were able to easily move it around the house as needed.

I had all these grandiose plans for beautiful blog worthy photos! Hilariously enough I learned that throwing an excellent party, and getting great photos of it isn’t as easy as the internet led me to believe. There was a photo of Jeff I really loved but then I realized he was eating his waffle with a spoon!?! I guess there weren’t any clean ones. Look at the photo above! The kitchen was a disaster zone with two waffles makers going, batter everywhere, and six people squished in it. It gets dark so early this time of the year so the lighting was less than ideal. I was slightly disappointed after going through my photos the first time but came to love them. We had an amazing time, ate waffles with delicious toppings, laughed until it hurt, and played the most fun game ever. I had been a nervous wreck the few days leading up to the party. It was all
for nothing though, the party went off without a hitch! It was half past
midnight before everyone left and I settled into bed with a huge smile
on my face.

After this little challenge I see in a whole new light. Previously I basically considering it a place to pick up a few groceries or some odds and ends but while I was shopping for the party I actually found a few more things that I took note of for future purchases (…because I totally love switching up every room in my apartment every few months!) If you end up snagging some gems from be sure to tag your finds with #AffordableStyle so we can follow along!

lights on ceilingwhite tree (seriously, a steal!) ▴ black track tree lamppaper strawschevron trayflameless candles ornaments black dinner plateslantern chalkboard carafemason jarsstriped napkinsoval platterpolka dot glasses waffle maker

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  • Breakfast for dinner is the BEST, and I love the idea of throwing a formal (breakfast-for-)dinner party! That tree is so cute and kitschy, too.

    xox Sammi

  • You are gonna love that tree for years – I had the same one, and it's just so lovely (especially for that price!) and you can do so many color themes with it! Cool shindig, I love breakfast for dinner anytime, but a party theme makes it all the cooler

    XOXO Michelle

    • It's funny how one little (or maybe not so little in this case) thing can get you excited about decorating for Christmas. After finding that tree it was ON!

  • I love that rug so so so so much! I wish I could have a beautiful rug like that but I have a VERY hairy dog and it would be covered within hours! You are some kind of magical woman with 3 pets and keeping it that clean, I have trouble keeping my hardwood hair free! haha. Love it, love your apartment!

    • I just vacuum everyday. It usually is pretty hairy at the end of the day, especially after a sunny day because the animals all lay on it when the sun is out, but totally worth it. The rug totally ties the room together!

      Also – I've found that hardwood is WAY harder to keep hair free! I thought it would be so much easier but it's definitely not.

    • Thanks, Nicole! That's how my family was growing up but once I moved out on to my own I kind of lost the Christmas spirit. I haven't decorated for the last few years but I feel like this silly white tree kind of just changed everything for me.

  • Ah, I LOVE party planning! It's always incredibly stressful but I love seeing people have fun 🙂 That white tree is absolutely adorable! I think colored trees are the best way to instantly feel in the holiday spirit without being too kitschy. I go to Walmart all the time for groceries because the prices are insanely cheaper than most places, but I never thought of buying decor there, like those carafes! And only $5? What a deal!