project 365 // days 326 – 337

326 : 365 One of the plants that clearly loved being outside all summer were my firesticks. Such a crazy looking plant, it’s growing every which way. It was about half it’s current size at the beginning of summer.
327 : 365 A patch I couldn’t resist buying. Frog and Toad Press makes some really rad stuff, I also ended up buying this card for Jeff.
328 : 365 Always hanging out in the evening light.
329 : 365 While wandering around looking for the cemeteries in this post I stumbled upon a really nice little park. I ended up spending a little bit of time hiking around by myself. I don’t know why I always let myself forget how much I love spending time in nature.
330 : 365 Two pictures of this handsome puppy in this weeks post? Whoops. Also, sorry not sorry because he sure is cute!
331: 365 I took this photo to promote my Black Friday sale on instagram. I only have a few pouches left, and I never deactivated the code so feel free to take 25% off with code “BF25”.

332 : 365 The first photo of my first photo an hour post in a while.
 333 : 365 My nephew throwing rocks in the pond. He’s at the age where you can basically only photograph him from behind or he’s making a dumb face at you. Come to think of it, he’s been like that for years but it seems especially bad lately.
 334 : 365 I’ve taken and shared so many photos of the cats like this but I just love how they always find that one little sunny spot.
 335 : 365 Set up this shot to get my ice cream lamp, and a peek into my living room then these two came running through…which actually ended up making the photo!
 336 : 365 I threw my very first party! More on this very soon. I had planned on taking all sorts of really nice photos of my friends but ended up with lots of these – people sneaking into the background and making faces. Thanks Jake, and Anji! Hah!
337 : 365 I like to picture him as a grumpy old man. Perhaps he was crabby because we kept him up so late at the party, and the birds were too loud the next morning.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

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