project 365 // days 338 – 352

338 : 365 Still so crazy about my Christmas tree, and the lights in my living room. Having Christmas lights up makes the fact it gets dark so darn early a little bit less miserable.

339 : 365 One of my Black Friday purchases. Billy Madison is one of my all time favorite movies. 
(pin from Space Waste)
 340 : 365 Some of my pretty stationery set out for my letter writing day post.
 341 : 365  Outfit photos, see more here!
 342 : 365 Experiencing new views of the city. You can find the full post here.
343 : 365 Yep, still obsessing over the Christmas lights…
 344 : 365 My parents recently adopted a kitten who is the feistiest little firecracker! She is 100% not afraid of Klaus, which is hilarious. Klaus is actually terrified of her. She rears up and won’t let him pass by. Klaus was sitting on my mom’s lap and this little kitty came up, sat down and basically with her body language said “this is MY mom!”

 345 : 365 Pretty little plants.
 346 : 365 Jeff picked me up from the flower shop the other day. He asked if I was hungry then told me to check in his glove box. Inside were macarons!!! Such a sweetheart.
 347 : 365 Jeff and I woke up early to explore an abandoned building. We hiked three miles through the woods, got inside, and them immediately heard a car pull in. We bolted. Pretty sure no one knew we were there but neither of us wanted to take any chances. On the way back we stopped to admire the lake. Such a pretty sight.
 348 : 365 A lapel pin of my favorite camera from Photojojo!

349 : 365 All of the animals are really good with the Christmas tree. I mean, I did catch Klaus chewing on an ornament but aside from that one little incident all has been well. The cats take turns sleeping under the tree which is basically so cute it hurts.
350 : 365 Winter is video game season for me. It’s the only time I feel like I’m allowed to spend time being just plain lazy… so I bought Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Playing is so relaxing.
351 : 365 My work buddy.
352 : 365 A very handsome cat, clearly.

Well, that was a massive post. I’m finally almost all caught up editing photos from my project 365. I’m kind of looking forward to finishing up the year.

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