what I wore : extended fall

necklace – Scarlett Garnet (a few years back)
skirt –  Modcloth  (no longer available)
tights – Target
camera bag – Jo Totes
I know talking about the weather in every single outfit post is considered boring but I think when the weather is this strange it’s totally acceptable. As I type this it is 64 degrees Fahrenheit outside. The average for December in Cleveland? 34 degrees!!! It’s nearly Christmas and I just looked out my window to see my neighbor walking down the sidewalk in a t-shirt and shorts! We’re basically just having a majorly extended fall, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s awesome because I’m getting to wear all my favorite things comfortably. No doubling up tights, or multiple layers of jeans like I would normally be wearing right now. It’s wonderful!
Anyway, can I tell you guys something that sounds really, really dumb? I have no idea what to wear with skirts. I mean, obviously a shirt but somehow nearly everything I try on with skirts never feels right. I have a handful of skirts that I seriously have no idea what to put on my top half when I wear them. Basically, if you see me in a skirt know that I put a ton of time into putting that outfit together. I normally opt for a plain crop top (like this or this) but that’s not exactly appropriate for every situation. Anyone else have this problem? Or have a recommendation for a super awesome shirt that goes with everything? I’m planning on cleaning my closet out again real soon to get rid of things I don’t wear. My skirts are kind of at risk unless I figure this out.
Check out the last time I featured this sweater in an outfit post here.


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  • I feel you. Some things are impossible, or nearly, to match. Like I just bought some purple corduroy pants… their great but what the heck do you wear with it?? Also my go to in these situations is grey. I have this cotton short sleeve grey shirt, kinda big, so I'll knot it on the corner or tuck it in. Over dresses, under skirt, with shorts. Honestly the thing is wore out. But anyway, you're working that skirt. Love the shoes with that blue too.

    • Haha! Yep! I have a pair of blue pants that I always just end up wearing a black shirt with – and it looks fine but I want to do something different!

      Shirts over dresses is something I can't seem to nail either. Whenever I see someone doing it I think it looks so darn cute but I guess nothing I own really works for it.

  • I have the same problem. Both with always talking about the weather and not knowing what to wear with skirts! I think you pulled off this sweater and skirt combination perfectly. As for the weather…well lets hope my area gets snow soon, our local economy depends on it and our economy is being totally crushed this winter. 😢

  • I wear skirts every day here in the Bangkok heat, and I'm getting so bored of the simple t shirt tucked in look (I usually go for v-necks from Target). My new go to? A lightweight long sleeve button up with the bottom few buttons undone and the resulting tails tied in a knot and the sleeves rolled up. It's forgiving and breathable and cute. I bet you would rock this look. One of my favorite combos is a lumberjack plaid with a navy pleated skirt.