2015 Goal Recap

Can you guys believe the year is already over? I swear each year goes faster than the last. Before I share my goals for the new year I thought it was only fair to look back over 2015’s goals and talk a little bit about how I did. So here we go…

▴  Bike 1000 miles. I have been dreading writing this post because I didn’t want to admit defeat on this goal. I did not hit the 1k goal I made. I could make one million excuses but instead I’ll tell you that even though I didn’t make it a massive priority in my life to hit that mileage goal, I’m proud of myself for getting back on my bike after the “accident” at the beginning of the year. 755.5 miles is better than nothing and it’s more than last year so it’s still a win in my eyes.

▴  Take a 50 mile bike ride. I definitely didn’t do this one. I had pictured it as my friends and I basically just spending the whole day cruising around the city taking photos, enjoying all the tasty treats Cleveland has, and biking our butts off. We made kinda sorta plans a few times but they fell through every time. I think our longest was 23 miles which was still a blast.

▴   Shoot a series of photos. I mean, technically, my found on the beach photos are a series but it’s not what I had in mind. I did not reach this goal because I didn’t purposefully take a series of photos. Whoops.

▴   Take more daily life photos. Yes, and no. I’ve definitely been taking more but I’m still not shooting them as naturally as I’d like. Ideally, I’d love for it to become my first nature to do and I understand that will take time and practice. I am without a doubt better at it than I was at the beginning of the year so wahoooo!

▴   Take a roadtrip. Heck yes!!! Jeff and I took another road trip out west. We drove the Pacific Coast Highway, experienced extreme heat in Death Valley, finally visited Salvation Mountain, watched the most beautiful sunset in Morro Bay, played in tide pools, and stayed in the final Wigwam Village – that was all in one trip! We also visited West Virginia to go the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, fell in love with Toronto, saw Niagara Falls, and hung out underground in Rochester.

▴   Practice city photography. I think the answer to this one is the same as my “take more daily life photos” goal in that I definitely shot more city photos but it still doesn’t come as naturally as I’d like. Practice, practice, practice!

▴   Blog more locally. Slowly but surely I’m doing this more often. Check out my Cleveland related posts here. I even shared a pretty awesome post with a list of all my favorite spots in the city, which you can read here. Also, this year I seemed to get an influx of emails from people thanking me for making Cleveland look which was super flattering and showed me that I must be doing at least a decent job at this goal.

▴   Photobooth a month. To be honest, I kind of forgot about this goal. Apparently having my goals on my bulletin board isn’t as great of a reminder as I thought it was. I took a few photobooth pictures but nowhere near once a month. (I did end up with thirteen total for the year though!) I’ve also been frequenting the mall a lot less than normal which may have attributed to my forgetting. I did totally get another photobooth picture with the lead singer of my favorite band so that counts for something, eh?

   Learn bicycle maintenance. Yeeeah! I mean I’m no bike whiz kid but I know a whole lot more about bikes than I did last year. I was even able to put together my new bike by myself.

▴  Try twenty new foods. If there was one goal I absolutely killed this year, it was this one. The difference between my eating habits now and this time last year is like night and day! Honestly, if this wasn’t one of my goals I would have a hard time believing it was so recent that I was the pickiest eater in the world. At some point during the year I just stopped photographing all the new things because it was getting out of hand. I will now try anything with minimal hesitation and hilariously enough, I basically love everything I try. Related posts : Goodbye, Picky Eater + Blue Apron review.

▴   Go gluten free. I wanted to try going gluten free to see if that was what was causing my chronic headaches. I never did go gluten free but I did pay a lot more attention to what I was eating and doing when these headaches were occurring. I realized that some of the time they could be attributed to dehydration or forgetting a meal which seems normal enough except for the fact that after eating and drinking they don’t go away and usually continue to get worse until I eventually have to go to sleep. Other times I could tell it was because I put too much strain on my eyes. It seems like I have normal reasons to get headaches except my body reacts a lot more quickly and severely than other people’s bodies do. On top of that then there were the ones that come out of the blue with no real reason, usually those were migraines that came with the bonus of nausea! I guess they’re just something I need to learn to be prepared for and to better deal with.

▴  Continue to push myself out of my comfort zone. Yes. Yes. Yes. Looking back through old posts it’s almost like they weren’t written by the same person. I still have my quirks, I probably always will to some extent but y’all I’m killin’ it!

Bonus goals! As in goals I made previous years, didn’t complete but finally crossed off this year.
▴ Get passport. (2014) I had been putting getting my passport off since 2011 when I met Elycia, my Canadian BFF. I don’t know why I drug my feet for so long. A nice chunk of change, and one ugly photo later I was able to show up to her house, and completely surprise her! I can’t wait to get back to Canada now, and of course I look forward to seeing the rest of the world.

▴ Take a class. (2014) I took an aerial silks class at the beginning of the year. I had super high hopes, and while I loved the class, I didn’t love the environment. I’m still super disappointed it didn’t work out but I really would like to try a different class because I can totally see myself loving the silks.

2015 was kind of a wild ride. There were lots of ups, and downs. Lots of stress but lots of joy as well. I’m slightly bummed out I wasn’t able to cross off all of my goals but I can’t let that get me down because I am super happy with the progress I did make. Even if I never made it a priority to shoot a series of photos like I wanted to I did things that are way more of a big deal, like working at the flower shop. It sounds like such a silly little thing but a few years ago that would have been unthinkable to me since I was so incredibly shy. I can, without a shadow of a doubt, say that I grew this year and that’s really all one can hope for!

Goodbye, 2015. Hello, 2016! Here’s to making it the best year ever!

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  • That's awesome your were able to complete most of your goals! And I think all the mileage you've put on your bike is really impressive. I finally started riding again last year and am hoping to really get some miles in this year. I hope you can find an answer to your migraines. I know if I don't drink an insane amount of water every day, I will get them pretty easily.

    • I've really really ramped up my water intake since Christmas. (I got a Brita pitcher and it's actually made a huge difference in how much I drink! Wahoo!) I'm hoping that will help.

  • I'm trying to figure out my chronic headache situation, as well. I never really thought about gluten, and desperately hope that is not the case. I think I may just be overly sensitive to sound/light/smell, which is debilitating enough as it is. :/
    It's been really wonderful, as a fellow shy person, to see you really come out of your shell in the last year or so! I'm really looking forward to following along this year.