2016 Bulletin Board

At the beginning of every year I clear off my bulletin board and hang up all new things. I try to avoid using anything that was up in the previous year although sometimes there is something that I like too much to not put back up! It’s a cleansing process, it’s relaxing, and it’s a much needed change of scenery.

This year’s new board photos also come with a peek at my new office! Apparently that’s not all that rare though, out of the five years I’ve documented this only two years share the same room. I’m a restless little thing, what can I say? While this new office is still a work in progress I’ve got my computer corner all set up. It feels awfully cozy in here. I’m looking forward to putting the finishing touches on this room and sharing photos.

A few sources :
moon calendar, see the world pennant, friend to bugs patch, where is my mind print, cactus print, tooth patch, fuck yeah ribbon, teeth containers , keyboard decals

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