2016 goals

A few of my personal goals.
Use passport. Last year I finally got my passport after years and years of putting it off. This year I want to use that darn thing.

Travel by train. The idea of traveling by train has been something I just cannot stop thinking about. I swear it just keeps showing up everywhere I look. I’m not sure where I want to go or anything like that, I’d just like to take a scenic train ride at some point.

Use my body – run, bike, stretch! In 2016 I want to be more active. More bike rides, perhaps try running, work on my flexibility, take more long walks, etc. In general, I just want to move more! Exercise, no matter how much I hate it, makes me feel so good.

Unplug more. The pressure of having to be connected all the time is rough. I feel like the stress of it leads to me being way less productive. Like somehow I’ve convinced myself that it’s better to sit at at my desk and stare at my computer than it is to take a break, do something relaxing, and come back to my work refreshed.

25 mile solo bike ride. Last year I set a goal to take a 50 mile bike ride. I did not achieve that goal. It’s not because I’m physically unable but because I kept putting it off. I knew I wanted to do it with friends but we could never agree on a date that worked for everyone. I’m awful at biking by myself. I prefer to have a destination in mind which makes racking up miles kind of difficult. I think as of right now the longest ride I have gone on by myself was only 12 miles. I want to prove to myself I am capable of packing in the miles by myself.

Be brave, be alone. Living in the city, and commuting to downtown a few times a week has exposed me to some things I hadn’t really dealt with before. Of course, I knew that street harassment happened but I had never experienced it so much until these last few months. I’ve had more than a handful of things happen that just left me feeling like it’s not worth doing this or that if I can avoid being harassed. I didn’t realize it would affect me like this but in all honesty, it’s left me feeling very uneasy alone. I’ve been spending a lot more time at home instead of out and about because of it. 2016, I’m coming for you. I’m coming for you loud, and proud, and ready to take no shit from creepy dudes.

Explore Ohio. I’ve lived in Ohio my life, and while I love it here and it will probably always be “home”, I’ve been feeling a little bit bored with my surroundings. I want to experience new things. I want to find new things to explore, and photograph in the area. I blogged a little bit more about this a few weeks back, you can read more here.

Send 150 pieces of mail. In 2014 I made a goal to send 125 postcards, and I accomplished this goal which felt awesome. Last year I was slacking and didn’t send nearly that many. I miss sending mail out all the time. I wanna get back at it this year.

Make 8 GIFs. Making GIFs is one of my favorite little photo tricks. I just always forget to make them. Here’s a goal to get back in the game.

2 new fabric collections. Self explanatory. I’m shooting for two new fabric collections for the shop this year.

At least one big purge. I love collecting things but you know what, I also really enjoy getting rid of stuff. I want to do another closet sale, and donate a bunch of home goods.

Take really stinkin’ good care of my new car. I bought a new car at the very, very end of 2015. I am going to baby this thing. I will get regular oil changes, and keep her super clean. Mark my word.

A few of my business goals.
Schedule a week ahead, always. I’m normally pretty good at keeping the blog ahead of schedule. I fell behind a few times in 2015 where I had to do something last minute, and that is seriously so stressful. I want to get back to being one week ahead all the time.

Don’t stress over emails. You guys, emails stress me out. I’m a pretty shy person so sometimes just figuring out a simple response is stupid overwhelming for me which of course, leads to me avoiding to my inbox, responding later than I’d like, or sometimes not responding at all. (Forgive me, please!) I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to clear out my inbox on a more regular basis, respond quicker, and with way less stress over it.

Business cards. I’ve been talking about getting new business cards made for probably a year now. I should probably get on that, eh?

Eliminate distractions + set a more rigid schedule. I’m sure I’m not the only one that sometimes finds themselves checking facebook way too many times a day or scrolling endlessly through tumblr. In this new year I want to stop doing that, and make myself a schedule that I have to stick to.

Be more social. I’m really great at not commenting on my favorite blogs, and photos that I like on instagram. Mostly because I am shy but also partly because it’s easier not to comment I guess. I’d like it to become first nature to just leave a comment, and socialize more.

Write more. Writing isn’t my strong point, it never has been but I’ve found in a lot of my older posts that I didn’t write enough and now I wish I did. I want to become a better story teller. My goal is to share more details with posts when needed so that it’s not just up to the photos to tell the story.

More outfit photos. In 2015 I shared the smallest number of outfit posts since the beginning of TDS. I wanna get back at it. I miss taking outfit photos on a regular basis.

Whew! Lots of goals going into the new year. I’m feeling super positive right now. I know there are lots of new year’s goals naysayers but I, personally, LOVE making goals, and the new year just makes an awesome time to reflect on what you could do to improve your life. What are some of your goals for the new year?

 Psst. How awesome is my Do or Die note paper?! I love finding fun paper for my goal lists and this one seemed perfect!


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  • Yay, goals! Two very good lists; I share some of these this year as well. Mainly though, I just wanted to say that you can always send me snail mail! 😉 <3

  • Fantastic goals, ma'am. I've got some parallel goals in renewing my passport and writing snail mail (150 pieces is a mighty feat though and I bow to your future success!). I'd also love to go on more train rides. The mister and I love taking trains when we visit his folks in the UK but the most beautiful train ride in memory was between Seattle and Portland. Mt Rainier looms over a nice chunk of the trip and cranes swooped past the window as we passed Fox Island. Can't wait to read about your train travel! 🙂

    • Ooooh! A train ride between Portland and Seattle sounds like the most perfect train ride ever. I was hoping to possibly get out that way this year and if I do I will definitely look into that!

  • Writing more is one of my goals for the year, too! I live in Cleveland, as well, and just came across the fact that there are a few of storytelling events in the Cleveland area monthly. Told (http://www.toldstories.com/), Story Club Cleveland (http://www.storyclubcleveland.com/) and Keep Talking are the three I've come across. The Story Club Cleveland link has a Google Calendar with all the local story-telling events. While I don't see myself getting up in front of people and telling a story anytime soon, I have been using their story prompts to write. Maybe it could be inspiration for you, too?

  • Oh I haven't really set any goals for this year, but I think write more is going to be one of them. I've become absolutely rubbish at writing. Like not that I'm bad at writing, it's that I can't get the words out. I don't know what it is. Maybe I'll try just writing for ten minutes every now and then.