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Last Saturday Jeff and I had plans to make a real nice lunch together, and get lots of work done. I just had to run a few errands first. About thirty minutes after he left my apartment I get a text “How are your errands going? FYI You, Jason, and I are going down to Akron when you’re ready.” Well, that was a change of plans but I didn’t mind. The cold weather has me feeling blue so any time I get the chance to get out and take photos I’m jumping on it! I hadn’t even left the house to start my errands yet. Instead I layered up, packed up my camera gear, and shortly after we were off!

In case you’re not from Ohio, or even the US* – Akron is the next large-ish city over from where I live. It’s approximately a forty-five minute drive away and I’ve probably only been there a handful of times. There’s not quite as much as abandonment there as in Cleveland but that wasn’t all we were looking for. Put simply, we were just looking for something new. Jeff actually grew up right outside Akron so nothing is all that new for him but it’s at least a little bit less familiar than our surrounding area. We were out looking for tracks to walks, tunnels to explore, and anything worthy of a photograph.

Jeff telling us a story about a time he was frightened by a plastic bag in this same spot.

After walking the tracks for a while I was ready for something a bit more protected from the weather. I realize that it doesn’t actually look that cold out which is exactly why this winter is so depressing. It looks like it’s nice out, the sun might even be shining but as soon as you step outside you get smacked with reality. It’s freezing!

Jeff knew of an abandoned factory that we might be able to get. After a quick drive, a short walk, and use of some muscles I’d realize the next day that I apparently hadn’t used in a while we were inside.
There wasn’t much left in the factory at all, and, to be honest, I feel a little rusty shooting abandoned buildings. The whole time we were in there I just felt like I was shooting horribly. I was having trouble composing photos. When I got around to editing them the next day I was decently surprised with what I got. I wish I would have taken more photos!

peeling paint, abandoned
peeling paint, abandoned factory

After making our way out of the factory we were all ready for some grub. Something local, something kind of quick so we could get back out before it got too late. Jeff suggested Diamond Deli which… I don’t even have words for. Their website says their goal is to “make damn good sandwiches” which they are definitely doing. I don’t recall what I even ate except for the fact it had some sort of mustard/mayo combo on it which was just awesome. I truly regret not bringing my camera in so I could have a photo of my sandwich for this post.

We drove around a bit more after gorging ourselves, and spent some time around the tracks shooting photos of trains before eventually calling it a night. All in all, a successful day!

* Sometimes people name cities in their posts but it literally means nothing to me because I have no idea where that place is, how far of a trip it is for them, etc. Just thought including a little reference there would be helpful!

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