Friday Favorite #349

 (via: Modcloth)
Didn’t know I needed a highlighter until I saw this one!
(via: Perpetual Kid
I want about fifty of these planters.
LOVE this shelf!

  (via: Ruche Shelving)

 These vintage snail clips are so cute!
I wish all my blankets could be this cute.
 (via: Modcloth)
There goes Anthro breaking my heart with another insanely amazing lamp that is crazy expensive.
 (via: Anthropologie)
Yeah, the rug is pretty darn awesome…but if everything in that room just magically showed up in my apartment I wouldn’t complain.
I saw this, thought it was cute, then I realized it’s coasters! So not only is this cactus adorable, it’s functional!
(via: Clive Roddy)

Link Love…
 ▴ I would like to wear this shirt for every creepy dude in the city.
 ▴ How cool is this morse code best friends bracelet?
 ▴ This
is exactly the sort of thing I want to cross stitch! It’s been a while
since I talked about my love of Jim Carrey, huh? Well, he’s still my
 ▴ Because I’m still a child who loves everything scented – a pineapple scented hair brush!
 ▴ This face cream from Batty’s Bath sounds amazing. My skin is so dry right now, winter sure does a number on it.
 ▴ This bra!

Happy Friday!!

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