Friday Favorites #346

I love my bulletin board but I’ve been thinking the last few months how I’d like to pick up a new one. Mine is pretty beat up after all these years. It’s riddled with holes and bare spots. Something like this might be a nice change of pace.
I’m a huge fan of fun cards, except I never get to post them here because most get sent to Jeff and I wouldn’t want to ruin any surprises. I have no one to send this one to so I get to share it here. Isn’t it so cute!
Modcloth just released a bunch of new things from their own line and everything is so dreamy. My favorite is, of course, this dress but there are so many other pieces I would happily wear. Like this!
(via: Modcloth)
Eye enjoy this print.
(via: Marta Ryczko)
Lately I’ve been all about lighting my rooms with things other than the overhead light. Light from a lamp is so much relaxing. This sconce looks like it would create such a nice atmosphere.
This stuff sounds amazing. Basically everything in this “Recover + Rejuvenate” list sounds good.
Not just people, the best people! (The shirt also comes in a cat version!)
(via: Will Bryant)
(via: Kodiak Milly)
As someone who ALWAYS made coupon books for my mom and dad as a child, I love these.
I was just thinking how I’d like a letter organizer then I found this cute little set. Love how it even has an envelope shape on the front.
 (via: Anthropologie)
Compliments to mail all your friends!
(via: Modcloth)

Link Love…
 ▴ Absolutely in love with this sheer bra.
 ▴ Angie shared her top ten hotels from 2015 and I’m over here green with envy.
 ▴ This one of a kind tooth ring is incredible. I own a few pieces of jewelry from Extollo Jewelry but nothing like that crazy awesome piece.
 ▴ So many cute decals for your nails! Alien, mushroom, banana! Ah!
 ▴ Holy cow, this bath bomb is huge, and it sounds awesome. Plus it makes your bath water a black sparkly mess!!! I’ll take one million, please.
 ▴ Looove this dress featuring vintage looking Halloween illustrations. The pumpkin has such an adorable face.

Happy Friday!

Also – Modcloth is having a huge sale. LIKE 70% OFF!! All these dresses are 70% off, isn’t that awesome!? Don’t miss out! Also…this cat shirt. SOCUTE.

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