Friday Favorites #347

Eye socks by the same awesome person who made this eye necklace, eye temporary tattoos, and has the coolest eyeball nails!
 (via: Coucou Suzette)
I fear my trusty polka dot skirt is nearing the end of it’s life. This one looks like an awesome replacement. I actually have an easier time styling a polka dot skirt than a plain one. It’s definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe.
 (via: Modcloth)
This has to be the cutest door stopper ever.
(via: Anthropologie
 Ahh! Such silly kitty faces!

 (via: Rawaan Alkhatib)
 Super into these simple shelves! They come in a variety of colors but the pink has to be my favorite.
Have ever wanted a shirt covered in your cats face? Now you can have one!
 (via: Minx)
I’m pretty sure I feature something from Rehab Vintage LA just about every other week but seriously, when they have stuff like this how can you blame me!?
This chandelier! Lucent Lightshop has some seriously awesome stuff!
Love simple black dresses that aren’t actually all that simple. Dresses like this one make it easy to match my outfit to my hair and still make a big impact!
(via: Plasticland)
Well this looks like the coziest bed ever. I wish my bed looked that inviting.
(via: Anthropologie)

Link Love…
 ▴ I was looking for a custom return address stamp when I realize I could get a custom embosser instead which is clearly way cooler! Do any of y’all own one? Is it as awesome at it seems like it would be?!
 ▴ This bra, holy cow. Probably NSFW.
 ▴ These abalone inlay plugs are so pretty. It’d be neat to dye my hair to match a pair.
 ▴ I’ve been reading a lot recently about activated charcoal and how awesome it is at removing impurities from your body. Then I saw that Batty’s Bath carries an activated charcoal detox mask, and even soap! I sooo want to try this stuff out.
 ▴ This vintage sugar bowl would make a really really awesome display for a small skull.
  ▴ Light up shoes FOR ADULTS!

Happy Friday!!

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