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I opted not to do a Project 365 this year after doing it for two years straight. Mostly I was unhappy with the post format, and rather tired of the way I was organizing them. I disliked that even on the days I took photos I didn’t really love I felt like I had to include them in a post. It kind of became stressful for me. I still plan on taking daily photos, I just won’t be sharing them at the end of every week.

We’re not that far into the year and I’m finding myself with photos I want to share but that don’t really warrant a whole post. I think this is where the cutting room floor series will come in handy. Maybe it won’t be a weekly thing but I’ll be using this series to share daily life photos from time to time.

 The above black and white photos are from New Years Day. It’s a tradition for Jake, and Jeff to go out New Years Day and shoot photos. I tagged along this year. I’m loving night photography right now and am trying to pounce on every opportunity to shoot but holy cow, it was INSANELY cold. Jake laughed at me for wrapping a scarf around my face the second I stepped out of the car but by the end of the night we were all popsicles. I only got a few shots I liked from the night but the more I look at them the more I like them. Photos like this are something I want to shoot more of. They’re not necessarily great photos but I feel like they represent our night nicely. I’d like to shoot more memories, instead of stressing so much about getting “the perfect shot”, if that makes any sense.

When I moved my office into another room, which I still have yet to blog about (soon!), I unearthed a bunch of fabric scraps I had hoarded away. I just couldn’t bring myself to throw away any large-ish pieces of the fabric I had printed. I decided to put them to good use and make a handful of patchwork pouches from the pieces. They’re still a work in progress but I’m really excited with how they’re turning out so far!

Also, my current sewing show of choice? Jane the Virgin. Holy cow, you guys! I did not expect to get wrapped up in that show like I did. It’s SO good. Seriously, just give it a try. I just finished season one, I’m dying to see more.

Steelyard, Train, Cleveland

Another cold, late night adventure! This time the steelyard. I don’t even know how to describe a blast furnace if you’ve never seen
one before. This was my first time being this close to one and it was
nothing short of surreal. I felt like I was in a video game. It’s big, it’s loud, it’s weird. It’s such a strange area down there, so cut off from the rest of the city.  I didn’t get to take that many photos before security drove up and asked us to leave. I wish we could have gotten a little closer and gotten to see more. Maybe another time…

snail mail, siamese cat postcard
1st photo – outgoing mail. 2nd photo – incoming mail. watercolor by Jenny!

Sooo… the response to my call for postcard pals? COMPLETELY OFF THE HOOK. I went to the post office at the end of the week expecting maybe two or three pieces of mail but instead found my po box was jam packed with mail. Okay, so, the circular took up a bunch of space but still there were way way way more postcards than I was imagining would show up. I’ve been spending my evenings writing everyone back. I’m very excited that this little goal of sending 150 pieces of snail mail this year has started with a big bang! If you missed the original post, I am still very interested in exchanging mail with more people. Read all the details here.

My favorite piece of incoming mail had to be the postcard shown above from Jenny. Watercolor painting of her dogs, Kanye and Jay-Z, “if they were astronauts” Are you kidding me!?! I don’t mean to play favorites, but c’mon! It immediately got hung on my bulletin board and then I had to show it off here.

Jeff‘s birthday was Monday! The annual tradition is to go to Southside. I got a chorizo burger, it had an egg on it, and it was probably one of the best things I have ever eaten. Remember when I used to be a picky eater? I sure don’t. Post dinner adventures are a must so despite the eleven degree weather a group of six of us hit up the roof of one of Cleveland’s most popular abandoned buildings for photos. It was too cold for me to function so I let everyone else worry about setting up the good group shots. I took a handful of photos that will probably never see the light of day but are worth keeping for sentimental reasons. The photo directly above should probably fall under that category but Jake’s huge smile, my lack of a face, and Jason’s pose make me smile. These people are solid gold.

And there’s a peek at some of the things on the cutting room floor!

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