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Sugarhill Boutique
Moorea Seal
outfit post, what I wore, Sugarhill Boutique
sweater – Fox Sweater c/o Modcloth
skirt – Forever 21 (a few years back)
tights – Target
First outfit of 2016!!! Wahoo! …But, uh, I actually took these on Christmas Day, and that was my second day wearing them. Just being real here! I had planned on taking outfit photos when this outfit was “fresh” since it is so darn cute. Alas, my car broke down on the way to my parents so I was all pouty and not so pumped to take photos. Luckily, I already had plans to spend the night because I may be twenty-five but I still really enjoy waking up on Christmas morning at my parents house to open presents. Our Christmas Day plans were to go see Sisters but car problems are obviously a little bit more important than movies. So while my dad worked on my car, and Klaus raced around their property like a rocket dog, I squished around the yard getting photos.

This is basically just another version of the last outfit I posted. If it’s not broke don’t fix it, I guess. Both sweaters were found on Modcloth but are made by Sugarhill Boutique. I’m so insanely picky about how tops fit which I think is the biggest reason I have a hard time figuring out what to wear with skirts. I have a long torso, and a larger chest which kind of just makes everything fit funny. I bought that hedgehog sweater last year, and found myself still reaching for it often this year. It fits so well! When I saw this fox sweater was by the same company I had to pounce! Then when I visited their site to link to them in this post I found another sweater that I hadn’t seen before and maybe-sorta-kinda bought that one too! Hey, they’re on sale so whatever. I’ve always been the kind of person that when I find something I like to wear a lot, because it’s so rare, I buy multiples. Basically the whole point of this story is to tell you that I want to own every single one of Sugarhill Boutique’s animal sweaters.

Unrelated to amazing animal sweaters – MY HAIR! I was way overdue to dye my hair. I spent a long time (for me) in orange. I really enjoyed the orange and found it surprisingly easy to match to my outfits but I was ready for something different. That and the fact that my roots were longer than they’ve probably ever been. I decided to just try and use only the colors I had in my bathroom cupboard. I’m not super pumped on the results but it’s a fun change nonetheless. I actually haven’t had pink hair since the very first time I dyed my hair an unnatural color. I’ve already picked up a few tubs of colors I didn’t have and am looking forward to tweaking this look just a bit. Edited to add : it’s already different than these photos. Currently way less orange, way more purple.

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