what I wore : red polka dot dress

what I wore, polka dot dress, pink hair
what I wore, polka dot dress, pink hair, ootd
Polka Dot Dress, ootdwhat I wore, polka dot dress, pink hairpink and purple hair, the dainty squid, bowler cap
red pointy shoes, what I wore
camera, enemal pin


hat – thrifted
sweater – Kohl’s
lapel pin – Photojojo
tights – Target
shoes – Iris Flat c/o Moorea Seal

I really reeeeally wanted to share this outfit back when my hair was orange. I actually went out a few times to photograph it but got shut down each time. It looked amazing with orange hair. After orange somehow, surprisingly, matched nearly everything I wanted to wear I’m having a bit of a hard time getting back to my old ways, where I wore whatever I wanted regardless if matched my hair color or not. The pink and blue doesn’t look too bad with color of the dress but I think the hat really helps tone it down and pull everything together.

Speaking of, any long time readers remember this hat? I wore it constantly back in 2012+2013. See here, here, here, here + here… and probably a thousand other posts. I fell out of the habit of wearing it and landed back at square one where I feel silly wearing a hat in public. I know that’s such a common feeling and I don’t really understand why. I have never in my life looked at someone in a hat and thought “what a goob!” Fact of the matter is I rarely notice when people have hats on. So here’s to finding more hats I look cute in and wearing the heck out of them in 2016!

The Dainty Squid, what I wore, polka dot dress, pink hair

This is probably my new favorite dress*. I totally get that bloggers get a bad rap because we call everything our “favorite” but we’re just an excitable bunch I suppose…and seriously this dress is my current favorite! I bought it during Modcloth‘s Black Friday sale and was a little underwhelmed when I received it. It was a little short for my tastes and kind of restrictive in the chest. It sat on my desk in the return envelope for a while before I was like “I have to try it on again. I can’t get rid of it!” You know what? A non padded bra made all the difference! That makes it sound like I wear the most padded of bras that exist, which there is nothing wrong with if you do, but just that small amount of padding made the dress tight. This bra from Target, which is also one of my current favorite things, helped the dress fit so much better. It’s still a little bit short but that’s no big deal seeing as this cold weather has me wearing two pairs of tights anyway. The cut-outs on the top are what really draw me in. Plus it’s the perfect twirling dress. I don’t care how old I get a good twirly dress always improves my mood.

Hope you’re having a lovely day!

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