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I obviously love sending and receiving mail. It’s why I made one of my 2016 goals to send 150 pieces of mail but I honestly didn’t think I liked it this much. I’ve been stealing every moment I can to write postcards. I thought it might be fun to share some photos of my incoming and outgoing mail from time to time for a multitude of reasons. One of which being I have been getting some really awesome postcards in the mail that I want to show off. Another because it’s fun to keep track of what I’m sending. I love having really awesome postcards but part of me hates that I’m never going to see them again after I mail them out so being able to take a photo helps with that a little.

Outgoing mail. 
I guess I should say if you’ve sent me a piece of mail, haven’t
received a response yet, and don’t want the surprise possibly ruined you
should avoid this post and any other future ones like it. 

Here’s a peek at what I’ve been sending. After seeing that this little goal was going to start with a huge bang I decided I needed to stock up on postcards. I grabbed two big box sets, Keep Fresh Stay Rad and A Box of Beetles. Both are totally super awesome but then I realized maybe beetles weren’t such a great choice since so many people are icked out by bugs. (Seriously though, you’re writing me, a girl with kind of questionable interests, what do you expect!?) I’ve been adding googly eyes in hopes that makes them less creepy to people, plus the eyes crack me up! I highly doubt the eyes will stay on most of the time though, at least not without some extra glue. The postal system can be kind of rough on postcards. It makes me giggle to think about random googly eyes getting stuck on someone else’s super important mail. I bought a pack of 700 of them (Hey, it was under $10. See! Don’t judge me.) last year with the hopes of sticking them on anything and everything around me but never got around to using them. Guess I finally found their purpose!

penpal, post card, snail mail

I thought maybe after that first round of mail the rush would be over and postcards would only trickle in. Nope. Steady flow of incoming mail, and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve gotten so many awesome postcards from all over the world. It’s funny because the first big batch of mail was all from the United States, then two weeks later *BAM* a ton of international mail. I’m trying my hardest to respond to things in the order they come in.

One of my favorite things so far has been seeing all the different ways people get creative with mail, specifically handmade envelopes! Y’all are killing me. It’s so inspiring. I want to hit up the craft store and just buy all the little odds and ends to decorate with. Sometimes I feel really boring responding with just a postcard.

One of my favorite pieces I got this last week was from Good Mail Day. Good Mail Day is an awesome subscription box put together by the fine folks at Wildcard in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania… and it rules. I actually cried when I opened the box. It was just one of those days, you guys. Each month has a different
theme and within that theme, you can expect to receive several of the
following: patches, pins, greeting cards, stationery, ephemera, art
prints, bandanas, tote bags, pens, pencils, journals, stickers, crafty
projects, accessories, home decor and more! 
January’s theme was the moon and the stars. Inside was a patch, a vintage stamps, a gorgeous postcard, two cards, an astrological star chart bandana, and a few other bits and bobs. Way way way into this box! I’m very skeptical of subscription boxes just because I try to be so careful about how I spend my money but this one is incredibly tempting. I don’t think there could be a more perfect sub box for me…

Stats as of February 12th
sent – 83 pieces
waiting to be dropped off – 8 pieces
received –  128 pieces
mail sent to 28 of the 50 states!

box of mail I’ve responded to so far…

I’m, of course, always looking for more folks to write with. For more details check out this post.

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