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cleveland, botanical garden, orchid

Last week my pal Anthony invited me to visit the Cleveland Botanical Garden with him. Now through March 6th they’re having Orchid Mania. Thousands of orchids in every shape, size, scent, and color are on display throughout the building and in the Glasshouse. There are over 150 different varieties! There’s even one that smells like chocolate. Seriously! It’s amazing!

I’ve been to the botanical garden a couple times before but prefer Rockefeller Park Greenhouse. I guess price comes into play; Rockefeller Park Greenhouse is free, where CBG costs $16 per person.  I understand it obviously costs a lot of money to maintain, and that employees deserve to be paid but in my opinion, it’s kind of steep. This was the first time I went and felt like I really, really got my money’s worth. The orchids were SO incredibly beautiful. We spent forever in there photographing all the plants. I have an insane amount of orchid photos that I’m super pumped about so it was hard to pick my favorites to share in this post. Orchid Mania is a photographer’s dream.

cleveland, botanical garden, orchid
cleveland, botanical garden
Some creep (Anthony) spying on me from behind plants.

We happened to go on one of the snowiest days we’ve had in Cleveland so far this winter so the greenhouse was an awesome little retreat. It was also an excellent reminder that I should pay more attention to the temporary exhibits all of the museums have. I guess as a local it’s easy to think “yep, blah blah museum, I’ve been there before…” but I’m probably missing a lot by not keeping up to date on this stuff. On our way up to the botanical garden we saw a sign that the Cleveland Museum of Natural History would be having an exhibit titled “The Power of Poison”. Yep, definitely going to be hitting that up when it opens!

Hope you’re having a lovely start to your week!

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