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The problem with new year’s goals for me isn’t that I don’t accomplish them, it’s that a week or two into the new year I think of fifteen more things I wish I had added to that list. I guess I really just like making goals (and lists!) This year feels promising. 2015 wasn’t bad, I just feel like maybe I could have done a better job…? I felt like my emotions were all over the place, and I let anxiety dictate my decisions more than I’d like to admit.

In January I decided to pay more attention to myself, and how I was feeling. Identifying what made me happy, what kept my anxieties away, and making sure to focus on those things. From those things I made a list of three more goals I want to work on this year, along with the fifty seven thousand other ones I already made – which you can read here.

Three more goals for 2016…
Save money. Last year was the first year I really focused on my savings account… and then my car died and I had to buy a new one. Needless to say using a chunk of savings stressed me out. I know that’s why it’s important to save money, so that when bad things happen you can just roll with it which is what I did. But spending some of my savings in my mind translated to “oh no, now I won’t be able to travel this year.” which is exactly true.

Going hand in hand with saving money is taking a hard look at what I purchase. Pretty sure y’all know how hard it is to get out of Target with your bank account unscathed but when it comes down to it going on a road trip is going to make me a lot happier than any little knick knack. 2016 is the year of making responsible money decisions… at least most of the time. I want to save my money so I can spend it seeing new places, and things.

potatoes, and chicken cooked in this killer ginger lemon sriracha spice blend I picked up at Home Goods. It ain’t pretty but dang, it was good!

Cook a real meal at least once a week. In this last month I’ve learned that cooking makes me happy… like really, really happy. I never ever thought I’d say that. I’ve been living alone for just under two years now and honestly, looking back I have no idea how I survived. Microwave pizza, and macaroni and cheese? For some reason the urge to cook hit me like a ton of bricks at the beginning of the year, and guess what, I’m not half bad in the kitchen! I’ve found that cooking is beyond relaxing, and having my apartment smell like the dinner I just made makes it feel like home.

I know, I feel kind of dumb being like “hey guys, I’m twenty-five, and I’m just now learning to cook! wahoo!” and I’m kind of kicking myself for not wanting to make this a priority sooner but there’s a right time for everything. I think half of my issue was that I was such a picky eater experimenting in the kitchen would be a disaster no matter what because I more than likely wouldn’t have liked what I made. Now I’m basically down to try anything. I’m finding recipes for things I’ve never even heard of, thinking they sound good, and enjoying the heck out of them. It’s awesome. Speaking of, if you have a favorite food you like to make regularly I wanna hear about it. Bonus points if its something that tastes good reheated because I LOVE having leftovers.

Can I also just say that food photography is a mystery to me? I’m all proud of what I make, and go to take a picture but always end up deleting it because it looks gross. So far I’m only getting the hang of making tasty food, not pretty food. Maybe someday I’ll get there!

No dishes in the sink at the end of the night. I read this one on someone’s blog sometime at the beginning of the year and thought “Well, dang! That’s a great idea!” I’ve been doing my best to always wash dishes before bed now and it feels SO AWESOME to wake up to a clean house. I tweeted a few weeks ago “This is so boring, but I think cleaning might be my favorite hobby.
Having a clean organized space is seriously the best feeling.” and I stand by that. Having a clean house makes me feel good!

When I’m feeling anxious, and I can’t work it can usually be solved by straightening up the house or at least some part of it. I guess this goal extends further than just no dirty dished in the sink and is a reminder that having a tidy home makes me feel relaxed.

So far, so good on all these goals. My house is clean, I’m heading to the grocery store in a bit to pick up ingredients for dinner, and after paying all my bills I moved the majority of remaining money to savings. Here’s to keeping up the momentum. Have you made any new goals for the not so new year? I LOVE hearing about other folk’s goals.


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  • My roommates and I have started doing a community Sunday dinner every week. It's a nice way to unwind, make sure we eat an actual meal, and have leftovers for the start of the week! One of my recent favourites is quinoa stuffed sweet potatoes- they are super easy and filling, and the leftovers taste good hot or cold! The recipe came from the Minimalist Baker blog, which has a ton of super easy to follow and delicious recipes!

    • A community dinner is a super awesome idea. I should try to get all my friends together for something like that.

      And thank you for the recipe! That looks insanely delicious! 🙂

  • I'm 28, have lived completely on my own for over 5 years, and I still haven't gotten the hang of cooking for myself. I just don't enjoy it! I've been trying to figure out some healthy, filling low-effort dishes.

  • Not letting the dishes sit for more than 24 hours was on my resolutions list and I have failed miserably! I've been working a lot and when I get home doing the dishes is the last thing I want to do. Haha, maybe I'll give myself a dollar for every day I stay on track. That'll motivate me! Good luck to you!

  • the sink rule is a good one! i have been doing ours every morning while making breakfast, but it is kind of a bummer way to start the day! i should do it at night.
    our joint goal is to scoop the litter boxes every day! we have three (for our three cats) and sometimes wait longer than we mean too. we have been doing it for 8 days and stuck with it so far!

  • I love making a piece of yummy fish (like tilapia) and laying it on top of a huge pile of cooked zucchini, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, and sweet peppers all sliced and diced. It only take about 15 minutes!

  • I've been realizing this year how much tidying and cleaning is important for me as well!

    I have loved and enjoyed both Marie Kondo books already, and really like to read them now, that I already finished my journey through the KonMari process. The way she writes it's soothing and a lot of wise stuff in it. Highly recommended!

  • Years ago I started a separate bank account for travel. I try to put 100-200 dollars per month in it. Then when I'm ready to take a trip, the money is already there. Some months it doesn't grow, other months, it gets a little extra. But since it's separate from the other savings, I don't feel bad about spending it for its intended purpose. This technique has definitely increased both my willingness and desire to travel.

  • Don't feel bad about not cooking till now! I have tons of friends who don't cook, or adults who still don't cook often. I hear my bosses (60 & early 70s) and they say how expensive restaurants are, and they go once or twice a week, and my brain is just like "wuuuuuut?! you don't cook every night?!" But I know I grew up in a house that cooked almost every night, so when my friends seemed stumped on how I find time to cook every night, I am equally stumped on what the eat every night.

    If you like leftovers, I suggest making curries, chilis, and soups. They always taste best the next day. In particular with curries/dals, I always make double the rice than what I need. Then the next few days for lunch I take some of the curry/dal and rice and a slice or Daiya Cheese (regular cheese for you) and make a little indian burrito. They are actually pretty good to take on trips too, if you dal is nice and thick.

    • I grew up in a house where we ate home made meals every night. Cooking just wasn't something that interested me until now though. I think that's probably why I'm enjoying it so much because those home cooked meals feel like home.