Valentines + Snail Mail + Tea!

 One of my favorite things from middle school was giving Valentines. I loved picking them out at the store and I loved handing them out to everyone. As I got older the group of friends I had to give them got smaller (…and I wasn’t required to give them to anyone like I was in school) so I eventually stopped handing them out all together. I was sitting at my desk responding to snail mail the other day when it occurred to me “HOLY COW, I have so many people I can send valentines to!” Since then sitting on the floor in my living room with some tea, and all my mail supplies, soaking up the last of the evening sun, has been my favorite thing. It’s so relaxing!

Like I mentioned last week, the response to my call for postcard pals has been incredible! So many fun postcards from all over the world are rolling in. It’s so cool to hear how many others have also set snail mail goals as well.  I’ve sent thirty pieces of mail so far this year, which is a pretty awesome start to my goal of 150 for the year, not to mention I have another twenty pieces that are ready to be dropped off in a mail box. If I keep up at this rate I’ll surpass my goal in no time at all.

at that ear! Isn’t he just the cutest!?
In my original post requesting post card pals I mentioned that I’m really bad at writing letters. I’d have trouble writing a letter to someone I know and it’s even worse with strangers. I have no idea what to say! Something I picked up from Sarah, who is basically snail mail queen in my eyes, is sending tea. It is an excellent way break the ice, a fun way to share something you love, and it doesn’t cost much at all. Generally, you can include a tea bag in a card for no additional postage costs to what you’d already be paying to mail a card or letter! I just tape a packet into the card, and it’s ready to go.
I’m fairly new to tea which if you walked into my kitchen you would not believe. My taste buds resisted for SO long and then one day a year or so ago I was just like “I LOVE TEA, GIMME ALL THE TEA!” Since then it’s basically been a constant thing for me, I’m always drinking some. So exchanging teas with people has been an amazing way to try new ones. 
Recently Lipton Tea improved and released a whole bunch of new flavors which I’ve happily been drinking my way through. I purchased Purple Acai Blueberry, Enticing Chai, and Apple Cinnamon. All three of which quickly made their way into my list of favorite teas. From the perspective of someone who used to be insanely picky, I don’t understand how that happened but it makes me want to try even more of them. You can check out the full line-up of Lipton Green, Black and Herbal tea flavors here, so many tasty sounding flavors. I seriously can’t recommend the Apple Cinnamon enough though. It not only tastes great but it smells heavenly. I’ve plowed through two boxes already (technically I drank one whole box, and the other got sent out to some lucky valentines!)

Tried to lure Professor into taking a nice photo with some cat nip but captured this instead. Nice…

Will you be sending out valentines this year? I sure hope so! πŸ˜‰ 

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