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kaylah doolan, dyed hair
bracelet – Eye Oh My Bracelet c/o Modcloth
tights – Kohls
shoes ASOS

Hey guys. We’re friends, right? So you’re totally going to look past the fact these photos aren’t actually in focus…right?! Thanks. I appreciate that. It was cold. That’s kind of a lame excuse but it was much colder than it looks in these photos and I was rushing. I look back at outfit posts from a few years back and I really have no idea how I did it. So many posts in the snow. My body this year has basically just given up on cold weather. I’m freezing in a matter of seconds. The only thing that keeps me going in hot drinks. I now, more than ever, understand why people retire to Florida. Although, if it’s this bad for me at twenty five I don’t think I’ll make it to retirement age in this cold weather. I day dream of being in the desert constantly. I remember in grade school they taught us the difference between ‘desert’ and ‘dessert’ is that you’d want two pieces of dessert, so two of the letter ‘s’, and only one desert so one ‘s’. But right now I’d trade all the dessert in the world to live in the desert.

Enough complaining about the weather though, lets talk about this skirt! It’s the same design as this dress, which I wore in this post, except in skirt form! Being able to buy something I love in another form is even more exciting than being able to buy something in another color which is something I looove doing. This is such an easy piece to style too since it’s black and white. I look forward to wearing it often. Everything I’ve tried from Modcloth’s signature line has been awesome so far.

As I was scrolling through old outfit posts real quickly, trying to find a link, I found this post from my birthday last year. My style changes fairly rapidly and that’s what is so interesting about documenting it but finding myself rocking two totally different but super similar outfits is funny. Basically I just wanted to say that outfit from summer is super cute, this one is super cute and I wish everything in my closet could be black and white… at least for now. πŸ˜‰

Hope you’re having a lovely, warm week!


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