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It’s been a while since I rambled about how much I loved the beach, huh? I guess I kind of took the winter off, which is fairly unusual for me. Over the weekend Jeff and I stopped at a random little beach and it got me thinking how much I missed “my” beach… plus the beach sounded like an excellent way to rack up steps and that’s basically all I think about since I got a Fitbit. First thing Monday morning I headed to my secluded little spot which was full of driftwood, trash, and beautifully tumbled beach glass. If there was any one spot in Cleveland that felt like home to me, it would be this beach. It was good to be back.

I’ve slowed down my beach glass picking habits in the last year. Not because I don’t like it anymore, quite the contrary, but because I really don’t need to bring it all home. When I lived in Geneva I barely found any glass so every single piece, no matter how tiny, was a huge deal. I brought it all home but it never really seemed to accumulate. Now I’m a five minute bike ride away from a beach that is almost always ripe for the picking! If I brought home everything I picked up my apartment would probably have a whole room just full of glass. I spent more time arranging this little collection than I did finding it.

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Something I’ve always liked to do is leave things behind that will make people smile, like beach forts made of driftwood. I wish I could leave my “found on the beach” arrangements as is after I photograph them but I debate back and forth in my head whether or not that defeats the whole purpose. Leaving pretty little arrangements of beach glass seems just fine so that’s exactly what I did. It’s a win/win because I get to pick up beach glass which I find incredibly relaxing, create something and then leave it for someone else to find. I hope it was found before it washed away.

I did end up taking home a few pieces from the day though. Blue and red are two of the harder colors to find so I almost never leave either of those behind. But the find of the day or month?! possibly year?!! has to be the piece below which basically just looks like a gummy bear made of glass. I’ve never found a multicolored piece like that. I just thought it was a regular old brown piece until I held it up to the sky. I must find more!!!

backpack and lapel pin from Moorea Seal. 

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