It’s the little things…

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 like getting organized and for way less money than expected!

In April of last year I posted about finally getting all my instax photos in albums. See here. It’s so silly but ughhh, it felt so great. I take great pride in being organized. It kills me that any of my photos are just in boxes. Something that had been bugging me, especially due to how many I’ve been taking recently, is that my polaroid photos weren’t in albums. I had them all squished into one box that never sees the light of day.

For a little over a year I had been putting off buying albums for them. The only ones I really liked, or could even find, were from Urban Outfitters, hold 33 photos, and cost $12 per album. With all the photos I have it was going to add up quickly. I finally decided to just go for it.  I wanted to shop in person just because I never really have an excuse to go to Urban Outfitters. I also didn’t want to pay for shipping on something I already hated spending any money on.

I get to the store, find the albums and just my luck they have a bunch of black ones in stock. I turn it over just to double check the price only to find that they had been marked down to $5.99!  SCORE. I grabbed six of them and headed downstairs to the check out. When the cashier asked if I had found everything okay I exclaimed how excited I was about the sale. Then I looked down and they were ringing up for $1.99! DOUBLE SCORE! Of course, I ran back upstairs to grab a few more because who knows how long it is before I can’t find them again.

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Consider this a friendly reminder to get your photos in albums! It feels darn good. Plus they’re so much more fun to look through when they aren’t in a stack.

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