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I’m feeling restless. I’ve been ready to move for a while now.
Partially because I enjoy moving but also because I don’t exactly love
where I live. My house is great, don’t get me wrong. I’ve got a washer
and dryer (I will never live somewhere without them again!), I
have a porch, a dedicated office, and ample space for all my
collections. I also really like my landlord, which I’m not so sure is
something a lot of people can say. It’s just that my neighbors aren’t the best, my yard is
always covered in trash (thanks to aforementioned neighbors) so I’m
constantly pulling something gross out of Klaus’ mouth, and somewhere a tiny bit safer couldn’t hurt. I’ve kind of come to peace with all of it now but over the
summer not loving where I lived was causing me a lot of stress. I
wanted to desperately just to get the heck out of here.

feel like I shouldn’t even mention it, because I don’t like to talk
about good things before they’re final, but I found my dream apartment
nestled exactly where I want to be in Cleveland!* The bad news is
someone already lives there. The good news is I am at the top of the
wait list! The neither bad nor good news is that it’s a month to month
lease. They could give their notice tomorrow, or they could give it a
year from now. Sooo, it’s kind of a waiting game. Just knowing that it
is a possibility for the future gives me butterflies and has me beyond
excited. I’m already dreaming up the furniture I want, and what it’ll be
like to live in this place.

house plant
black plant stand, semi-circular plant stand
outdoor plant stands, tiered plant stand
house plant stand, 2 tier metal plant stand
Part of me wants to start packing up the non-essentials immediately which would be totally insane since it could possibly be a loooong time before I move. I’m not a very patient person at all, so I’m trying my hardest to keep myself excited about my current apartment. I’ve been doing lots of cleaning, dropping things off at the thrift store, and rearranging little things. One of my favorite ways to spruce up a space is to add new plants. Any excuse to buy new plants, right?!
Last week I decided to take an hour or so out of the day to look for a new pot for a plant I had that had outgrown it’s current living arrangements. I went to Home Depot but didn’t see anything that fit my style. Outside pots I’m not so picky about but if it’s staying indoors than it’s gotta look decent. I have so many of them that I’m getting bored with terra cotta pots but still wanted something super simple. I figured I’d swing by Target and see if they had anything. As luck would have it, Target had exactly what I was picturing and they were on clearance! I picked up a few then headed over to a different Home Depot to check out their plant selection. BAM! Houseplants were on sale too.

I ended up buying one new plant and three large white planters.

The next day I got an email from Gardener’s Supply Company wanting to know if I’d be interested in reviewing anything. Perfect timing, yeah?! I ended up choosing an indoor plant stand and I am seriously over the moon about this bad boy. I assembled it in no time at all and had my plants on it in the blink of an eye. I’ve never actually had a plant stand that was so sturdy and there is room for so many plants! Best of all (?) the cats like it because they can sleep under it! It’s a win for all! I had kind of planned on moving it outside when the weather warmed up but I’m going to have a hard time moving it from my living room since it looks so darn cute. If you’re looking for a plant stand, this is the one to get.
indoor plant stand, house plant, metal plant stand
indoor plant stand, house plant, metal plant stand

I am obsessed with how everything looks in my living room! I’ve always
been pretty good at succulents, and small house plants but never really
gave too much thought to the big ones. That’s all changed now. I like big plants, and I cannot lie.
I can’t believe I went so long without something like this in my
living room. All of this was exactly what I needed to get excited about
my apartment again!

So yeah, all that just to show you some pretty photos of my new plants on their new stand. But seriously, tell me all the different ways you keep your apartment feeling new, and exciting to you! I can’t be the only person who gets bored with spaces.

*This will be the first and last time I mention that place until I hear anything. But you best believe as soon as I hear anything y’all will get the full scoop and obviously about 40 billion photos! Cross your fingers that this all happens sooner rather than later.

PS. I know it’ll probably get asked – how do I keep my pets out of the plants? They seriously just do not care about plants at all. I had to lure Professor into these photos with catnip. 

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  • I love rearranging!! My old man HATES it, lol but he puts up with it pretty well. Seriously I would have to name it as one of my top 5 hobbies πŸ˜‰ Every 6 months or so I move the furniture from one room to another, hang different things on the walls…switch out area rugs…you name it, change is good for my soul:) Fingers crossed you get your move soon!

  • I'm so jealous of all the light in your place. Most of my plants are outside because there is literally nowhere in my house that gets good enough light aside from this one tiny little plant ledge in my kitchen.

  • I have a space that the plant stand is perfect for, so I bought it. It seems so simple but a two tier semi circle is a rare find.
    After moving 3 times in 3 years, I'm happy to be in my big adult house that I plan to grow old in. Time will tell if I get sick of my decor. I'm trying my best to take it slow and not jump into crazy wallpaper and a purple couch but it's difficult.

    • Awesome! You're gonna love it. I seriously can't get over how sturdy it is. Every other plant stand I've ever owned in my life has been so cheap and wobbly.

  • I used to love rearranging but it got kind of annoying. Id say the best way to love an apt is to not live in one hahaha. We lived in one for exactly 9 months before I couldnt hack it and we've lived in single family homes ever since. I get that its waaaay cheaper and easier to do that out here. I just can't do city life or apartment life. I miss having a ton of plants inside but now I have a massive yard!!!

    • Different strokes for different folks.

      I've owned my own home with a nice sized yard and I've lived in an apartment building with no outside space. What I have right now is ideal for me. Yard, deck, lots of space inside and neighbors downstairs I trust that make me feel a little bit safer as a lady living alone in the city. It literally doesn't matter where I am, I get sick of things always being the same. Some people are just rearrangers no matter what.

  • I love how you display your plants so openly! I have to ask tho…how do you get your adorable kitties not to eat them? Is it a specific type of plant you noticed they are not eating? I don't think they'd try and eat the cactus one but how about the others? =)

  • my boyfriend loves rearranging even more then me, but he's a graphic designer, so there may be some reason he always needs to create and change things around πŸ˜› It's spring, so spring cleaning and rearranging. My mom is having a garage sell this weekend, so i need to pack as many boxes as i can and head on over. Your big plants are a inspiration. I'm not sure if my puppy would be as good as your pets though.

  • I know exactly how you feel. When I find somewhere I like, I get way too far ahead of myself and begin planning even if I am not ready to move until maybe another year. You can maybe just use the excuse that you're super, duper organised? πŸ˜‰

    p.s. love the plants! I always love a bit of greenery in the house.


  • from one fellow sewist to another… make new pillow covers! changing out the covers on my pillows always freshens up the place! i've lived in the same apartment for 4 years. i do love it, but i'm so looking forward to buying our first home next year! i do get tired of things as well, which is why freshening up accessories always helps! πŸ™‚ that, and decorating for holidays. it always adds a different vibe to the place for a few months out of the year. πŸ™‚

  • I'm seriously so envious of your plant collection, they all look so beautiful on that stand. I especially love the white planters! I couldn't find the space for something that big in my tiny apartment, but I do have plants on little ikea stools that I bought for them which I think is a good alternative when you can't find a stand that you like. I think I'm the opposite to you – I love deccorating but I hate re-arranging! I don't want to move because I've just got everything the way I like it and I wouldn't want to have to start again. I'm always re-arranging my storage though, because I have a tendency to over-fill my small space with stuff.

    Jessthetics xx

    • Oh! Little stools are such a cute idea for plant stands! That makes me really want to take a trip to Ikea. I'm trying to resist going there until I move though, no need to make the move harder on myself!

  • I'm with you, I used to have such a black thumb but since moving back to Cleveland I've been a super proud plant mom. My partner and I got a few big plans from Home Depot and to my shock they survived the bleak and sunless winter. My dog couldn't care less about them which is good, because I was worried he'd take them as a new place to pee.

    As for keeping my apartments exciting, it's hard for me to say because I've moved countries lately more than apartments but when I *did* stay put in an apartment for a while I found that rearranging and repainting my rooms helped a lot. Even if it didn't work out and I just ended up putting furniture and art back after a month, it still kept things exciting enough for me.

    My current new project is trying to figure out what I'm going to do to fix up our backyard. It's a rental so I'm not sure how far I can push it, but our landlord is pretty dope, so I'm sure we could get away with something cute.

  • I was thinking about asking how you deal with cats with cactuses and then I read your last comment. XD I guess cats will be cats. I have a big amaryllis that my Mom got me and there are so many cat bites in the leaves. Luckily she doesn't actually EAT it, which would be bad. It is now outside now that it is warm enough.